The 4 Best 50 LB Dog Food Container in 2023

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It is prevalent nowadays to find a dog suffering from diarrhea and other abdominal disorders. Although the condition can be from varying causes, improper feeding techniques are to blame in the majority of cases. In this article, we will show you how a 50 lb dog food container can help maintain your dog’s health. While at the same time saving you from unnecessary expenses.

Of course, the size is just for reference. So, you can go for a smaller container. You can even feed your Toy Maltese or Chihuahua directly from the manufacturer’s bag if that is okay with you. But that is undoubtedly sloppy [if we may say] as you can expose your dog to a number of health and life risks.

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Unlike the wet/ canned dog food, the kibble is often dry and hard. As such, it is very easy to provide your dog with moldy meals if you are not very careful. Unlike other plants that grow from seeds, molds usually grow from tiny spores in the air.

50 bl dog food container

Therefore, a slight exposure to air or humid is enough to make your dog food moldy and unfit for consumption.
Well, a dog is that one being that can chow down almost anything. So, you might realize moments later after he starts showing symptoms of ill-health.

With the best dog food storage container, though, you can be able to prevent penetration of air or humidity in the kibble. Hence, helping maintain the freshness until depletion.

Other Benefits Of A 50 BL Dog Food Container Include:

Help Achieve Healthy Lifestyle:

This is the primary purpose of a 50 bl dog food container, particularly one that is airtight, light-proof, and free of harmful chemicals. It helps ensure your pooch feeds on fresh and high-quality food ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients.

Keep Out pests:

Even when the pantries are locked, it is not surprising to find bugs, and other rodents have found their way inside. With the right storage container, these critters can’t contaminate your dog food with harmful bacteria like salmonella or E. coli.

Prevent Exposure to Light

That’s right and quite a saver. It helps prevent fat oxidation, which can make the food spoil faster. Also, proper food storage prevents the harmful light from lowing the food quality [or otherwise degrading the flavor and color].

Ease of Use:

This one is enhanced by some of the unique dog food storage containers that feature extra features like wheels, measuring scoop, and tapered designs. The wheels can be very convenient for easy mobility while the tapered shape allows easy scooping of food.

Proper Feed Management:

With a storage container that has a calibrated scoop, you’ll be able to provide your dog with the right amount of food. Hence, preventing food wastage and instances of underfeeding or overfeeding of your furry friend.

Time and Cost Saving:

Well, for this one is when you choose a large dog food container that will hold more kibble. Thereby allowing you to get your dogs’ food in bulk, which by the way, is an excellent way to save some money. And even you can avoid unnecessary trips to the pet food shop.

The 4 Best 50 Lb Dog Food Container In 2023

These are some of the benefits that you enjoy when you get a dog food storage container. Some are uniform across all types of them but others are for select pieces. For the cost-effectiveness, for example, that feature is only applicable to larger models.

Speaking of that, here are some of these storage cans that you can use to hold up to 50lbs dog dry food.

1. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage Container

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Overall, this is the best dog food storage container to have in your apartment or suburban home. And also a 50 lb dog food container in 2021.

To the eyes, the item might seem simple for sure. But when it comes to holding your pet’s food, it’s highly efficient and reliable.

The pet food storage container takes its inspiration from the bank vault, whereby it helps keep your dog kibble safe and fresh. It has a high-density polyethylene body that allows no water or harmful light to get in. The plastic is also sturdy, heavy-duty to make sure rodents can’t gnaw it to access the contained food.

When it comes to the securing system, Gamma2 added this Vittles Vault system with a threaded gasket-ed closing lid. As such, the container is excellently airtight flow once you spin the cover close.

In case you are wondering, the plastic material used here is free of harmful chemicals, including BPA. The FDA has even labeled the container Food Grade. So, there is nothing to worry about when pouring your 47lb bag of Purina Pro Plan diet.

Summary Features:

  • Features heavy-duty plastic making for longer lasting
  • It’s a “Food Grade” badge from FDA
  • Comes with an excellent airtight seal to keep pet food fresh
  • Maintains the original pet food odor
  • Includes two molded handles for easy carrying
  • Has a wide opening to allow easy cleaning.
  • The dog food storage container is BPA free. Hence, it can’t cause any cases of food poisoning.

What we don’t like about it

Despite its numerous benefits, this pet food storage can have no wheels. As such, it might be tiring to move around the house when filled to the brim.

2. Van Ness 50lb Pet Food Storage Container

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Similarly, this dog food container has a plastic body and a heavy-duty design for extended use. Its material, though, is clear to allow visibility and ensure you can keep track of the remaining food content.

Also, the FDA has approved the used plastic as Food Grade. So, it doesn’t have elements of artificial chemicals that can be harmful to your pet’s health.

If your fear is on molding, the pet food container has a lid with an exclusive Fresh-Tite seal and a plastic latch. This means you’ll never have to worry about air, moistures, or pests getting into your pet’s meal. Or even your pooch accessing the food on its own as the latch assures a solid closure.

For the better, this dog food storage can has a tapered design. Hence, you can even keep the kibble while still in its bag and enhance the freshness even more.

Additionally, there are four rolling wheels that allow you to move the container around the house without hassle.

Key Features:

  • The storage system has a sturdy plastic body
  • It is clear to enable easy tracking of the remaining kibble
  • Approved Food Grade by the FDA
  • Features a brilliant airtight latch-down closure to maintain freshness
  • Has a tapered designed to allow easy cleaning and use
  • Comes with four pre-installed wheels for easy mobility

What we don’t like about it:

The plastic latch to secure closure is a spectacular addition to this food storage container. Unlike the threaded lids, though, a latch requires much care when handling to avoid breaking. With extreme force, it can break, calling for a replacement.

3. Bergan Smart Dog Food Storage

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If you’re looking for a smart way to store your dogs’ food, this piece from Bergan can help. It is both stylish and convenient to give you the joy of owning and using.

The container is made of high-quality plastic that is tough and doesn’t react with the dog food ingredients. As such, it’s a storage system that you’ll use for quite some time before you come to replace it.

While using, you can either pour your dry dog food directly or keep it together with its bag. The container has a tapered design [larger top opening]; hence, it’s even simple to insert your entire 40lb dog food bag.

This way actually is the best if you’re hoping your dog food to last for over a month. The reason for saying this is because the product has a weak seal on its lid. Hence, it isn’t as airtight as you might need to maintain longer freshness.

Key Features:

  • It features a stylish design and robust plastic body
  • Has a large top opening for easy cleaning and filling
  • Comes with a transparent lid to allow easy monitoring of the remaining content
  • Offers two-way serving options- scooping [from large opening] or pouring [through small trap door]
  • FDA approved as BPA free
  • The dog food storage container is stackable

What we don’t like about it:

If you are looking for an airtight pet food container, this is not the best option for you. It has a deficient seal mechanism that only keeps out some air, but not all.

4. IRIS 50lb Pet Food Storage System

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Well, this our second alternative that comes with wheels to enable smooth movement with your 47-pound bag of kibble. This is real convenient as it helps save on time and energy that you would have used while lifting physically.
Apart from mobility reasons, the four wheels are also the stands of this container. Its body is a clear plastic that you can easily view the remaining content and know when to get another.

The plastic contains no BPA or any other artificial chemical that could harm your pet. It can’t even react with the oils [or fatty acids] included in the dog food recipes. Hence, it will ensure your Beagle only enjoys the first ingredients of his diet.

If it’s the scent, the dog food storage container has a black lid with a snap-lock latch and an airtight seal. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your dog self-serving in your absence.

Another thing, this dog food storage system has a tapered design [wide top access]. So, it’s effortless to scoop and also clean the bottom part. This is also a 50 lb dog food container.

Summary Features:

  • It’s convenient in keeping your dry dog food free of air, humidity, and pest
  • Features four wheels to allow easy mobility
  • Has a wide opening to guarantee easy scooping and cleaning
  • Comes with a translucent body to allow tracking dog food level
  • Free of harmful chemicals, including BPA
  • The food storage container has multiple uses.

What we don’t like about it:

Although it has an outstanding airtight seal, the storing container has snap latches, which are not as effective as the screwing lids.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food Storage Container

While there are others, these are the best 50 lb dog food storage containers that you can use to hold your pet’s kibble.
They all consist of exceptionally designed and most-featured products on the pet food market. So, you shouldn’t have any worries while adding one to your shopping cart.

Just like with the pet food brands, though, choosing the best dog food storage container for your furry friend is not simple. Even with the four we have highlighted above, it can’t be so easy.

Every brand product comes in its unique way, with different features and also designs. As such, you have to be real careful to ensure you get the right storage system that serves you and your dog optimally.

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This means you have to know ‘what you want’ and ‘what to look for’ before you finalize your purchase.
Otherwise, you’ll end up getting an item that is not what you wanted, or that doesn’t match your needs.

In our next subject, we will look at various essential tips on how to store dog food properly and keep it fresh.
Before we come to that, however, how long do you think dog food ought to stay on the shelf?

Explaining Wet Dog Food and Dry Kibble Storage Practice

As we all know, pet food is often available as dry or wet. Each of the two is usually prepared differently, and so is the storage.

Wet/ canned dog food

For the wet dog food, its storage is a little complex since it has high moisture content [over 70%]. Of course, the unopened cans can last between 3years to 5 years before the contained diets get stale.

Nonetheless, after opening, it’s only a matter of hours before the food gets spoiled and unfit for consumption.
As a matter of fact, you only have a 24-hour window to cover the remaining food with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate. Otherwise, you’ll have to throw it away.

Then, if the uneaten food remains in the fridge for three to seven days, you need to discard it immediately.
This is so as its high moisture content makes it to collect air and potential contaminants after opening.

In no time, mold and bacteria will start growing, and without your knowledge, you offer the pooches. Only to notice after a while, your pets are developing upset stomach disorders, including pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and others.

Dry dog food

On the other hand, dry food [or simply kibble] takes a different course to maintain its freshness. It is usually very easy to store due to its low moisture content [about 6-7%].

When unopened, the kibble has a shelf-life [from time of manufacture to “Best By” date] of four months to two years. The exact period will depend on the available ingredients, as some do decompose faster than others.

After opening your bag of dry dog food, air, moisture, high temperatures, and other elements can come into contact with it. Thereby impairing its freshness and fastening its decomposition rate.

50 bl dog food container

Fortunately, opened bags of kibble can retain their freshness for 30 to 45 days when properly stored. One of the best ways to do this is by using dog food storage containers.

These containers are available in the market in three different materials- Plastic, stainless steel, and wood.

Plastic Dog Food Storage Container

The most significant advantage of plastic containers is that they are more affordable and readily available. Also, the material is mainly transparent and translucent. Hence, it is easy to see how much food is remaining.

As you go for it, though, you have to ensure there are no industrial elements like BPA [bisphenol A]. This is to avoid exposing your family pet to food poisoning and other health effects.

In our article, by the way, all the four products we have highlighted are plastic. You can check them out and compare the prices.

Metal Food Storage

Speaking of metal, we entirely mean stainless steel since it usually doesn’t react with your canine’s food. It is also durable and long-lasting, plus the cleaning is effortless.

Furthermore, stainless steel food storage container is very appealing with its sleek, shining making. However, the creators offer it at higher prices than products from the other materials.

Wooden Dog Food Storage Containers

Although you might feel that you have been taken a century back, wood storages can add your home aesthetic look with natural wood enclosures. It is also more durable when under proper care.

Sadly, a wood storage container will need appropriate treatment to allow use with unbagged kibble and also prevent drilling by pests.

Airtight Dog Food Storage Containers

An airtight container can either be plastic or metallic. The feature is enhanced by the food-seal found on the locking lid. The seal works by creating a vacuum to ensure the food doesn’t come into contact with air. Hence, preventing oxidation and maintain its fresh taste and scent. The 50 lb dog food container is very important nowadays.

Since there are no spaces available, an airtight container also helps prevent pests from infiltrating your dog food.
An excellent example of airtight containers is Gamma2 Vittles Vault and Van Ness Pet Food Storage Container.

To add:
Even with a dog food storage container, there are still chances of your pet meal getting stale or moldy. Some of the ways you can make sure it doesn’t happen include:

  • To always confirm the printed expiry date before buying
  • Wash your pet food container regularly
  • Never mix the old and new food
  • Avoid the use of artificial additives
  • Keep your dry dog food in a cool, dry place
  • Feed your Dog Five-star food

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to access the dog food in a storage container?

Usually, that depends on the top opening of the storage container. For the tapered designs, it’s very simple to scoop even at the bottom level since the top opening is wide. Others like the Bergan smart Dog Food Storage has the wide top opening [for scooping] and a small trap door for pouring the kibble.

Is it safe to keep my dog’s food in plastic storage containers?

Yes, they are useful but it does depend on the type you are using. The BPA-free plastics are outstanding since the FDA has approved them as food-grade materials. If afraid to take the risk, however, you can put the dog food in the storage container while still in their original bag.

Can dry dog food go bad by exposure to light?

While other types of lights may or may not cause any effect, sunlight does have a direct impact. Its exposure can elevate the contained temperatures and speed up food degradation, including color and taste.

How should I store open cans of dog food?

Wet dog food has a very short lifetime after opening the lid or if there is a leak. Therefore, immediately you open the cans, you should store them in the fridge to retain its moisture and minimize exposure to air.

How can I tell if an unopened bag of dog food is still good?

That’s a straightforward one. You only need to refer to the “best before” date stamped on the gusset or front flap of the dog food bag. If it is the wet food, check the date code at the bottom or on the sides of the can.


Knowing what your dog is putting in his mouth is crucial in maintaining his overall health. While filling the feeding bowl with his favorite recipe, you should, therefore, ensure there are essential and fresh ingredients.

The latter is even more necessary because if the food is stale, the ingredients will have no nutritional value to your pet’s body. In fact, there is the risk of exposing your sweet little friend to food poisoning, amongst other health issues.
Although many options can help maintain food freshness, choosing an extensive storage system can be very handy. With a 50 lb dog food container, for instance, you can store a large amount of kibble. Hence, helping save some money and time that you would have spent going to the store.

Still, a large storage system can hold your dog’s kibble while even in its original bag. Thereby guaranteeing your dog food remains fresher for a more extended period.

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