The 6 Best Food For French Bulldog in 2023

The French bulldog is one of the few interesting pets that you can have as a roomie. Quite a charmer, the dog has big curious eyes, a near-constant smile, and bat ears that seem to be always listening to your movements. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best food for French bulldog that you can use to improve his health and wellbeing.

The dog has an overall lifespan of 10-14 years, which means what you give determines how short or long will that be.

But similar to their unbeaten cuteness, the French Bulldogs require a unique diet that matches exactly to their needs. Here’s a quick summary of the key factors that you should consider.

Feed Your Frenchie healthy

Just like any other breed, the French bulldog requires nutrition rich in nutrients. Also known as Frenchie, the dog is still from the family of bulldogs, which means compact and bulky body form. Of course, the pouch is not as heavy as he has a weight max of up to 28 pounds. But still, nutrition with high-quality proteins and minerals is crucial to promote healthy bones.

Another thing, Frenchies are highly susceptible to various health issues. This comes from their breeding and the shape of their face, which includes heavy wrinkles and extremely short nose.

Due to the wrinkles, your French bulldog is prone to a lip-fold pyoderma skin infection. Simply, the condition involves the inflammation of the skin and it’s often not serious when diagnosed and treated early. If left untreated, however, the condition can progress and lead to other problems like hair loss. Therefore, dog food with biotin and or omega-6 fatty acids is very crucial.

Maintain Good weight

As for the short nose, the French bulldog is part of the brachycephalic breed, which means they have breathing difficulties. For this, the dog requires a moderate level of activity during which you have to regularly check and ensure they’re properly cooled.

Even so, the dog truly adores food and has low energy levels. As such, the chances of becoming obese are pretty high, in which case you will need to closely watch your pet feed. Most importantly, you’ll also have to coach simple exercises for at least half an hour per day to efficiently maintain the average weight.

But like us, even your dog requires a good diet for proper and effective training. So, you will have to provide a healthy, clean meal that is rich in the right nutrients, with no fillers.

Avoid Flatulence at all cost

As we’ve mentioned, your French bulldog doesn’t breathe normally due to the shape of his face and the small nose. In the process of struggles, the dog can gulp air, which then will lead to flatulence. Even when the condition has no life-threatening consequences, your dog could have a bad breathe or produce smelly farts. And considering you’re living with him in the apartment, it may become uncomfortable holding him closer to you.

One of the favorable ways you can prevent your Frenchie from gulping large amounts of air is by using diets easier to ingest and digest. That way, the canine will be able to complete his meal faster and the food will take lesser time to effectively pass through the digestive tract.

Still, it will be of greater good to avoid poor diets that are highly processed or with artificial additives and preservatives like BHA & BHT. The kind ingredients have higher chances of causing a leaky gut, which could then lead to autoimmune diseases and an upset stomach.

Best Food For French Bulldog

Remember to Feed the gut

That’s right. it’s also an important aspect and which will help minimize the chances of autoimmune diseases like pemphigus and kidney infections. The diseases are quite rare, but they can easily get your dog if he’s a Leaky gut.
Just as the name, a “Leaky gut” often occurs when the “good” bacteria are damaged and the intestinal mucosa lining gets compromised. Hence rendering the intestine to become permeated, allowing partially digested and toxins to penetrate the tissue beneath and the bloodstream.

Processed foods loaded with synthetics, chemicals, and GMO ingredients are some of the causes of leaky gut. Therefore, it will be of best you refrain from such diets if still you want to spend more time with your Frenchie.
Moreover, a diet rich in fiber is a must, and live probiotics are a plus to assist in restoring gut flora and maintaining the digestive tract health.

The best food for French bulldog

In general, the proper diet for your dog largely depends on the life stage and health condition. Here is a list of foods that can help improve the quality of life, well-being, and the overall beauty of your French bulldog.

1. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Salmon & Rice Dry Dog Food

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If you need the best food for French bulldogs with allergies of the skin and even stomach, this diet can work. Not only does it contain optimal levels of omega fatty acids and biotin to promote skin health, but also has no wheat gluten or soy.

The dog food has a nutrient-rich salmon as the first ingredient and the main source of protein. So, your Frenchie will have awesome support for the overall growth and superior amino acids for lean, muscle development.

From the kibble, your little friend will also be receiving digestible carbs from brewers rice and oatmeal. Hence, he will have a good supply of energy throughout the day, plus a significant boost to digestive health due to their fiber content. The diet, by the way, does have natural prebiotic fiber that will help stimulate the growth of the beneficial gut flora. Hence, reinforcing the defense of the intestinal wall and ensure efficient digestion.

Still, the dog food has excellent amounts of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D-3 supplement. So, your friend will have strong, healthy bones and joints to support his compact, bulky body.


  • It has high-quality protein for growth and development
  • Palatable and easy to digest
  • Great for normalizing poop
  • Can help reduce itchiness and ear infections
  • Contains vitamin A to better vision
  • Uses natural flavors and preservatives
  • It has antioxidant properties to improve well-being and support immune system health


  • It may smell terrible due to the fish
  • May not be ideal for dogs intolerant to all grains

2. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Chicken Dry Recipe Bulldog Food

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The recipe is specifically for the English bulldogs, but your Frenchie can surely adore it as well. In fact, it can be very helpful in lessening flatulence condition and improve stool odor, courtesy of the highly digestible proteins and carbs used. Some of them include brewers rice, brown rice, oat groats, pork meal, and egg product.

The high-quality carb sources will ensure your dog has optimal levels of energy throughout the day. And the proteins will allow the body to function properly while providing amino acids for tissue repair and muscle development.

Thanks to the added taurine and vitamin B6 source, this nutrition can be very helpful to the heart function. There’s also biotin and moderate amounts of vegetable oil to supplement omega-6 fatty acids so that your Frenchie can have healthy skin and wrinkles.

Furthermore, the dog food has a source of vitamin E and another for vitamin A. So, there’s a better chance to improve vision and protect your dog from conditions like night blindness.

Despite the numerous benefits, though, this dog food is ideal for dogs 12 months and older.


  • It’s easy to ingest and digest
  • Rich in carbs for energy
  • Can help reduce gassy symptoms
  • Has glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain bone and joint health
  • Includes fiber sources to improve digestion
  • It can help promote skin health and a shiny coat.


  • It’s not recommended for Frenchies with a sensitive stomach, especially those intolerant to wheat gluten
  • It doesn’t reduce farting completely

3. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

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Overall, this is the best food for French bulldogs with sensitive stomach and digestion issues. It consists of highly digestible and high-quality ingredients, topped with prebiotic fiber nutrient-rich fruits to support gut health. A real chicken is the number #1 ingredient and the primary source of protein. However, the diet also has a chicken meal, yellow peas, and egg product, which also have protein and other essential nutrients for growth.

Formulated with wholegrain sorghum and brown rice, this diet can meet the daily energy requirements of your sweet pet. The two still have relative amounts of dietary fiber, which makes them a great option for weight management. That’s not all. Each kibble packs excellent levels of vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids. Thereby, giving your dog healthy skin and a lustrous coat with time.

More on that, the dog food has hardworking antioxidants from cranberries, apples, beta-carotene, and vitamin E supplement. In which case your pouch will have a better defense against free radicals and harmful bacteria.


  • It features high-quality protein for growth
  • Has high digestibility for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Can help normalize stool
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for itchy skin and ear infections
  • Has taurine and thiamine for heart health
  • It’s rich in prebiotic fiber and essential vitamins to support digestive health


  • Not ideal for dogs with allergic to grains

4. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Dry French Bulldog Kibble

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Specifically formulated for the French bulldogs, this dog food features exclusive kibble design that’s easy to pick and chew. It has a lovely blend of high-quality food compounds and essential vitamins to maintain good health and well-being.

The dog food has brewers rice and wheat, both of which are rich in fiber plus carbs to enhance energy levels. Its protein levels are also on level due to the used pork meal and chicken by-product meal. So, your pet still has a favorable moment to develop some strong and defined muscles.

Then, if he has just recovered after infestation by parasites, the diet has a precise blend of fish oil and vegetable oil. Hence, enabling him to retain healthy skin and a smooth and shiny coat. These oils are preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid, meaning your dog has no chances to develop an upset stomach.

Nonetheless, the nutrition does contain wheat gluten, which is not very friendly to a dog with a sensitive stomach- especially from grains. So this is absolutely the best food for french bulldog with sensitive stomach.


  • It’s complete and balanced
  • Has highly digestible protein and excellent fiber content
  • Can assist in reducing gas and stool odor
  • Has antioxidant properties to promote immune system health
  • Great for improving teeth and bone health
  • Includes thiamine and taurine to promote heart function
  • It uses natural flavors and preservatives.


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Not the best for grain insensitivities.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Chicken Meal Dry Puppy Dog Food

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This is yet another spectacular nutrition from the top brand. It’s certainly a must-have if you need the best food for French bulldog puppies that are still in the early development stages.

The dog recipe features chicken meal as the first ingredient in the mix and the main source of protein. It works in hand with whole grain wheat, sorghum, and crake pearled barley, which all have digestible fiber and powerful carb content.

Each kibble packs superior nutrients from fish oil, including DHA that’s very helpful in maintaining a healthy brain and eye development in puppies. The omega 3 source works in balance with the omega 6 fatty acid, which is also contained in the mix. So, your tiny roomie will transition into adulthood with healthy skin and wearing a clean coat.

Moreover, the dog food has a lovely blend of apples, cranberries, carrots, and vitamin E, which comprises powerful antioxidant properties. So, still, your dog will have the ability to better scavenge the free radicals and disease-causing bacteria.


  • It has high-quality protein to promote lean, strong muscles
  • Excellent for strong teeth and bones
  • Can help support brain and heart function
  • Great for healthy brain development
  • Made in the USA
  • Has natural chicken and liver flavor
  • It can help boost the immune system’s health.


  • Not the healthiest for Frenchies with grain intolerance
  • It’s quite expensive for its ingredients.

6. Cesar Gourmet Beef Canine Cuisine Wet Dog Food Packs

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Just as the name, this is a special cuisine that brings your dog a distinguished and tantalizing taste that she loves. It consists of a pack of various recipes, each featuring a different flavor and ingredients. However, real meat is the first ingredient and the main source of protein.

So, your pet will not be just enjoying the flavor, but ingesting a significant amount of amino acids as well. The nutrients work in balance with wholesome carbs from various sources, not limited to potato, wheat gluten, yam, and corn starch. Thus, providing enough energy that your dog needs to complete his exercise requirements.

In some of the meal packs in the selection, there’s thiamine and vitamin A supplement to boost the heart and eyesight health. Other recipes have pyridoxine hydrochloride, which is a great source of vitamin B6 and very beneficial to heart and brain function.

In the case of a dog with dental issues, this diet has a high amount of tasty steak gravy. So, your pet can eat without difficulties. You can serve the wet meal alone or use it as a mixer with his favorite kibble.


  • It’s balanced and nutritious
  • Good-tasting and easy to digest
  • Has high-quality protein to promote lean, strong muscles
  • Comes with a variety of flavors
  • Excellent for peaky eaters
  • Very affordable
  • It’s easy to ingest and digest. Hence, a great selection for Frenchies with dental and digestive issues.

Caring for your French Bulldog for the Best

Although there are others, these are some of the top choices that can guide you in choosing the best food for your French bulldog. We’ve carefully selected each recipe basing on the effectiveness of the unique requirements of your dog. So, you should not have any doubts about either of them if you feel it fits what your pet needs.

Meanwhile, a good diet and enough exercise are not everything in maintaining your dog’s wellbeing. Or else, don’t expect your pet to have a smooth and lustrous coat just from feeding on a diet with fatty acids and minerals like biotin. The diet will only produce the best results if you take part in the care as well.

Keep Your French Bulldog Clean

The same way you wash and put on some clean clothing, groom your pet regularly if you want to see positive results on his skin. Luckily, the Frenchie has a short coat that is very easy to groom and maintain. Even so, you should try as much as possible to give at least one bath every weak to remove dirt and loose hair.

The adorable wrinkles will also need thorough attention, which involves proper cleaning with a cue-tip and a bit of soapy water. This will help get rid of the bacteria and yeast that may be trapped as they can cause skin infections like lip-fold pyoderma.

As you wash the face and folds, however, you’ll need to careful not to get any water on the pointy ears. It will be difficult to drop out, which will risk forming fungi and bacteria in the ear canal. Then, what will follow is painful, itchy ear infections that will deprive the happiness of your pet, plus add high bills on your card.

Another important thing, by the way, you will have to regularly check the nails of your dog and trim them if needed. Especially if your pouch likes to lounge most of the time, long nails could cause him pain or else damage your cozy couch.

House Training Might Be Worth

True. A French bulldog is a pet for apartments and small dwellings, which means you don’t want him relieving himself everywhere.

Nonetheless, the training should start at an early stage, specifically when still at the crate. This way, the dog will learn to be obedience and at least you will be saved from chances of stubbornness and bad habits. Only remember to have some good treats and a warm cuddle if you want the pet to learn faster.

Key Pointers

What is the best food for French bulldog with gas?

From their breathing struggles, French bulldogs are quite prone to flatulence, which will result in excessive gassiness. So, a high-quality diet that’s easy to ingest and digest can be very helpful to such dogs. The dog food should also have a significant amount of fiber to aid in the faster movement of the fecal matter through the colon. Hence, minimizing the formation of gas as well.

How often should you feed a French bulldog puppy?

Just like with any other dog breed, your Frenchie pup should be fed 3-4 times. The food should be divided into small equal portions [about ½ cup] every time, and you should never let the dog free-feed. All bulldogs love eating, which is the reason they’re highly prone to becoming obese. You can get an idea from our existing post, American bully feeding secrets.

Is it safe for my French bulldog to eat grains diet?

While most owners fear it, many grains often have high levels of fiber, which is very crucial in digestion and gut health. Therefore, there’s no definite reason for you not to feed your Frenchie nutrition with grains if the body accepts it. But if your dog is intolerant to any of it, you should avoid at any chance as it could facilitate a leaky gut. Then, cause side effects like skin inflammation and an ailing tummy.


When it comes to love, French bulldogs surely can’t be beaten. If not cuddling on your legs, the dog will be behind your heels, following you from room to room. He has a compassionate and playful personality that’s so hard to come by.

At the very least, you should, therefore, ensure your pet is also happy and healthy. And nothing can work better than fine nutrition that your pet enjoys with his tail dancing.

In this article, we have reviewed several food recipes that could make a great diet for your dog. Amongst them is the Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe, which can be really great in the cases of digestive issues.

Anyways, we hope you did enjoy our discussion and you did find it informative. As always, we recommend you consult your vet in case you have any doubts concerning your pet health or his diet.

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