Taste of The Wild vs Blue Buffalo: Which is The Best in 2023

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Food and water are usually the major necessities for the survival of both man and animals. When it comes to dogs, feeding is one of the ways that tell if truly you’re a responsible pet owner or not. While there are hundreds of dog food brands, in this post we’ll compare Taste of the wild vs blue buffalo to see which is better.

The two are some of the very best lines of dog food, with each featuring premium recipes that are not just palatable. But healthy and highly nutritious as well. Of course, the duo uses different criteria in selecting their ingredients and preparing them. Their final product, though, can serve the needs of consumers and that of their pets perfectly and satisfactorily.

Introducing the Taste of the Wild and the Blue Buffalo Dog Food

If you can run a research on the taste of the wild and the Blue Buffalo, you’ll realize they both have an almost similar customer approval. You might come across more than a handful of clients saying the Blue Buffalo is better, yes. But its counterpart does have incredible offerings too and that’s why thousands have decided to stand with them.
To get a better view of the two lets briefly looks at their history alongside some of their best recipes.

A quick view of the popular dog food list from Taste of the wild and blue buffalo.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

To begin with, Taste of the wild is not the name of a pet food company. A lot of people tend to think so but it’s not. The name represents a particular line of dog food that the Diamond pet Foods, Inc. introduced around 2007.

Since the Taste of the Wild website leaves no indication that Diamond makes the food, thousands of people are unaware of the connection. The pet food manufacturer, though, has been in the industry since 1970. Hence, they already knew exactly the kind of diets that your dog will not resist and which won’t cause any health issues.

Speaking of this, by the way, the Taste of the Wild dog food comprises recipes that are based on what canines would eat in the “wild”. The included recipes are grain-free and their ingredients selected from only natural sources.

As grain-free, it means the majority of ingredients that usually triggers sensitive stomach are not present. For the natural ingredients, on the other hand, it means your lovely pet will only be ingesting what is good for his health and well-being.

Of current, Taste of the Wild dog foods is available in around 13 different formulas, with some featuring both wet and dry kibble. The various dog food formulas help make sure your pet is not relying on just one type of flavor or select nutrients. Know More at Taste of the Wild dog food reviews

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Now we come to Blue Buffalo Dog Food, the name is for the brand itself rather not a line of dog food. The pet food company debuted in 2003 and ever since they have focused on providing your pooch with high-quality natural ingredients.

Dogs tend to be highly predisposed to a wide range of health problems. This is why owning a dog requires a lot of dedication. With even the slightest mess, you risk exposing your dog to an imminent danger that might require more than just sacrifice to solve.

With the incentive, the Blue Buffalo creates super-quality canine recipes that have only the finest healthy ingredients. The pet food manufacturing company has even teamed with some top veterinarians and animal nutritionists who have helped develop the Blue Life Protection Formula.

This formula is one of the seven that the company has formulated to help in taking care of your precious pet. It takes the form of unique LifeSource Bits that comprises a mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Meaning, on top of curing hunger, your furry friend gets full support for his life stage requirements plus a healthy immune system.

Each of the seven Blue Buffalo dog food formulas, by the way, has several recipes to choose from. If it’s the Blue Wilderness, for instance, there are over 20 different recipes that target different age groups and type of breed.

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A Comparison between Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo Dog Food

taste of the wild vs blue buffalo

As we all know, there are various factors to consider when selecting the best pet food brand for your dog. While the majority of pet owners mainly focus on ingredient quality and guaranteed analysis, other factors like product safety do help as well. As a matter of fact, knowing the cost and the history of a brand can be an added advantage as well.

Anyways, since you already know who the Blue Buffalo is and that the Taste of the Wild is a product line rather not a company. We’ll do our comparison based on the 4 remaining factors, starting with the common one of all- ingredient quality.

Ingredient Quality

For this one, both of our two brands offer diets even yourself would have enjoyed having if they weren’t for dogs. They create natural dog food recipes that have their ingredients sourced from some of the best plant and animal parts.

As we said earlier, the selection of the ingredients to use does vary. Taste of the Wild selects the ingredient for its recipes based on what the dogs’ ancestors [wolves] eat. This includes tasty and highly digestible constituents such as venison, bison, and salmon.

On its end, the Blue Buffalo started and have been operating with the aspiration to provide canines with the finest, healthy diets. The diets come enhanced with vitamins and minerals to make sure your dog gets his specific nutritional needs. Some of these ingredients include meat [chicken, rabbit, duck, beef, quail, etc.], potatoes, Cranberries, blueberries, and flaxseed.

So, when comparing the Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo for ingredient quality, both have aced it.

Guaranteed Analysis

According to AAFCO, all pet food require to have a label with the guaranteed analysis. This is to advise you, as the potential purchaser, on the nutrient content of the product.

The guarantee requires the minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat plus the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture. Usually, the guarantee for other nutrients is optional to list but they’re a great form of assurance to the buyer.

Unless it’s a fraud, the pet food companies often determine the appropriate guarantees by laboratory analysis. If a manufacturer is interested in helping take care of your pet, the provided percentage will always be the appropriate one.

Now, with our two brands, Taste of the wild tend to have slightly higher crude protein than its counterpart. This means, if you want to boost your dog’s amino acids, the product line can be a good option. Its fiber content, nonetheless, is slightly lower in the majority of its food recipes.

Product Safety: Recall History

As we have already said, Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo dog foods all aim at providing your pet with the best nutrition. The goal of the two renowned dog food lines is to boost the health and growth of your pet.

Even if they are hoping for the best to your canines, at times unplanned errors might occur, prompting a recall. A lot usually happens between the process of sourcing the ingredients and packaging. In case there is a blunder and the manufacturer notices when the products are already in the market. There’s usually no other option but to recall all the affected products.

So far, Taste of the Wild has only had one recall in 2012 after the feed was noted to have Salmonella potential. However, there’s a pending lawsuit that the FDA is still investigating after claims of possibility contaminations [with pesticides/ heavy metal] in some recipes.

On its end, Blue has had about 8 recalls after learning there was contamination in some of their canine diets. The first recall came in 2007 due to the melamine issue and the last three in 2017. In the three, there was aluminum metal contamination, foil seal issue, and the problem of elevated levels of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormones. I hope you got what is the difference between the taste of the wild vs blue buffalo dog food.

Well, if we were to rate our two brands based on product safety, you probably know which holds that title.


When it comes to the pricing now, the Blue Buffalo recipes are a few dollars more expensive than the Taste of the Wild. The difference at some point, yeah, is not big but if ease is your price game, the latter may work for you. In both the dry and wet food, the product line maintains it simple and reasonable.

Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo Wilderness Ingredients Comparison Table


Taste of the Wild

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Carbohydrates Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Fava Beans, Oat Flour, Potatoes, And Barley
Proteins Venison, Pea Protein, Lamb, Fish, Egg, Bison, Buffalo, Beef, Millet, Lentils, Dried Yeast, And Poultry Beef, Poultry, Bacon, Bison, Fish, Lamb, Alligator, Pollock, Dried Yeast, Eggs, Lentils, And Fava Beans
Fiber Brown Rice, Cracked Pearled Barley, Quinoa, And Guar Gum Banana, Peas, Spinach, Pumpkin, Guar Gum
Vitamins Dried Chicory Root, Garbanzo Beans,  Alfalfa, Apples, Shrimp, Kelp, And Cinnamon
Minerals Salt, Tomatoes, And Chickpeas Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, Salt, Cinnamon, And Chickpeas
Fatty acids Canola Oil, Chicken Fat, Fish, Fish oil, Flaxseed, And Sunflower Oil   Fish Oil, Fish, Canola Oil, Herring Oil, Flaxseed,
Antioxidants Raspberries, Blueberries, Chia Seed, And Vegetable Broth.   Blackberries, Blueberries, Parsley, Pomegranate,
Natural Flavors Natural Flavors Natural Flavor [Comprises A Perfect Blend Of Fish, Spices, Herbs, Roots, And Frits] Cheese, Rosemary Extract, Garlic, Parsley, And Natural Flavor.

After the comparison between blue buffalo vs taste of the wild dog food. Apart from the added vitamin and mineral supplements, you can see our two product lines do vary in the section of ingredients. In particular, for the carbs, Taste of the wild used to rely on only potatoes starch.

Recently, though, the product line has added for dog food recipes that have “ancient” grains, including sorghum, millet, and pearled barley. The three are good sources of energy, as well as protein, fibers, and some vitamins.

#4 Best Dog Food Recipes From Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo

1। Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Adult Small Breed

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Formulated to help boost a healthy immune system for your dogs, this dog food features the exclusive Lifesource Bits, with vital nutrients and antioxidants. The dog’s kibble, though, has real meat as the first ingredient, with it coming from deboned chicken.

Other essential nutrients present include Brown rice, Barley, pea protein, flaxseed, Menhaden fish meal, blueberries, and carrots.

Summary Features

  • It features, high-quality proteins for healthy muscle development
  • Has high energy requirements {good for active dogs]
  • Includes Glucosamine to support healthy joints
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Has special small-bite kibble to ensure easy chewing
  • The dog kibble is highly rich in vitamins and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Adult Dogs

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Similarly, the dog meal has the exclusive LifeSource bits and real meat as the first ingredient. The meal comes from deboned chicken and it helps in building stronger muscles of your sweet pet.

Designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, this dog meal has no chicken by-products, artificial flavors/ preservatives, corn, or even wheat. The 5 are some of the ingredients that the majority of canines are unable to put up with.

Summary Features

  • It consists of high-quality proteins to help your dog build and maintain strong muscles
  • Packed with vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to boost immune system health
  • Has flaxseed to help maintain healthy skin and coat
  • Includes rosemary extract and natural flavors to improve palatability
  • The dog food has calcium, phosphorous, and other vital vitamins to promote strong teeth and bones.

3. Taste of the Wild Smoked Salmon Dry Dog Food

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Salmon is a well-known source that is packed with a high amount of protein, as well as vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

Therefore, when you pour this Pacific Stream recipe in your dog’s feeding bowl, lean muscle and a glowing coat won’t be an issue. The dry dog food is even highly digestible, with proprietary Probiotics to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Product Features:

  • It provides your pet with significant levels of amino acid for lean, strong muscles
  • Contains no grains or artificial colors, flavor, or preservatives
  • Features an excellent amount of antioxidants and vitamins to support your dog’s overall health
  • Rich in fiber and probiotics for a healthy digestive system
  • The dry dog food is ultimately savory [from the roasted salmon] and digestible [sweet potatoes and potato fiber].

4. Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food

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The diet is one of the bestsellers on Amazon, following its unmatched nutrition and affordability. Inspired by what dogs’ ancestors feed on, it has roasted bison and Venison real meat as the first ingredient. This provides your furry companion with a significant amount of amino acids and protein to develop lean, strong muscles.

Additionally, the diet has fine levels of vitamins and antioxidants from sources like blueberries and raspberries to help enhance the canine’s well-being.

Summary Feature:

  • It consists of roasted Bison & Venison as the first ingredients. Hence, remarkably savory and rich in protein
  • Features hardworking antioxidants to boost a healthy immune system
  • Contains no grain, corn, wheat filler, or artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Has Proprietary probiotics to promote the health of GI tract
  • The kibble has an excellent amount of omega-3 and -6 [from canola oil & ocean fish] to promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

Final Verdict

Feeding is very important when it comes to caring for and maintaining the overall health of your dog. Knowing what your dog is putting in his mouth is essential as well. This is why the leading pet food companies ensure they list the exact ingredients that they use.

When we come to comparing Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo dog food, both borrow their ingredients from natural sources. Each, of course, has its unique way of selecting them but the result has always been creating a healthy and nutritious diet.

Although they have almost a similar goal, however, the two products line differ in some ways. With the Blue, its products focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle of your dog and that’s why they include the proprietary LifeSource Bits.

Taste of the wild, on the other hand, focuses on providing high-quality protein diets that are not just nutritious and muscle-building. But sweet tasting as well due to the used wild-inspired ingredients.

Therefore, if your goal is to help enhance growth and muscle building in your pet, the latter can be a great company for you. Blue, on the other hand, can be really helpful if your pet has a history of health problems.

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