The 8 Best Automatic Dog Feeders in 2023 (Reviews)

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You need to feed your dog on time whether you’re at home or not. But, a busy daily life schedule, not to mention traveling for holiday or business trips, makes it a bit challenging to feed your dog. Luckily, technology can help you resolve the problem. An automatic dog feeder helps to feed your dog according to a pre-programmed schedule. If you travel frequently and your dog is alone at home for a few days, automatic dog feeders become more critical. You’ll find the best automatic dog feeder in the market to help your dog have meals on time at the same amount each day while you’re away.

What is an automatic dog feeder?

Depending on the condition and size of your dog, pet experts recommend two meals a day for healthy dogs. Active dogs and puppies may require 3-4 meals a day to maintain your dog’s strength. So, it’s important to feed your dog at the same time and amount each day.

An automatic dog feeder is designed to prevent mealtime stress for you and your pet. With the expansion of technology, you’ll find a vast range of automatic dog feeders with plenty of features. These include portion control, basic scheduling, voice recording, and WiFi dog feeders you can set from your smartphone.

Most automatic dog feeders are designed to hold dry food. Automatic dog feeders help your pet never miss a meal. Also, a dog feeder gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home. 

The 8 Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Now that you know the pros and cons of choosing automatic dog feeders let’s look at our top picks. If you change your mind, we also have a list of the best dog food storage containers. To ensure your dog is happy and well-fed while you’re away from home, pick only from this list.

1. PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder

Featuring BPA-free plastic feeder parts and a stainless-steel bowl, PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder is easy to clean. This automatic feeder is perfect for keeping your dog’s healthy feeding routine. Hence, you don’t need to worry while you’re away. It’s portable, so you can put the feeder anywhere in the house. The feeder can dispense dry or semi-moist food for 1/8 cup to 4 cups up to 12 times a day.  

If you have two pets, you can separate bowls for them thanks to its 2 meal splitters. It makes PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder one of the options for the best automatic dog feeder for multiple dogs. What’s more, the feeder is designed to keep your prying dog from sneaking kibble before scheduled mealtimes. 


  • Top product from PetSafe
  • Two meal splitters
  • The machine works perfectly for little pebbles dog food
  • Help with weight control
  • Clear, well-illustrated, and easy to follow instructions
  • Flexible portions and slow feed options
  • Pet-proof and easy to clean


  • A little bit of noise when it’s dispensing the food

2. DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Smart Camera Feeder

Feeding your dog can be very easy and fun with DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Smart Camera Feeder. Not only can you feed your dog at any time and from anywhere, but you can also see and talk to your pet. It’s everything you need from the best automatic dog feeder with camera!

It features two-way audio, including a speaker, mic, and HD camera. All you have to do is install the app from your device, then you’re ready to feed your dog automatically! DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Smart Camera Feeder is perfect if you’re looking for the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs.

The dog feeders can be set up automatically with scheduled times and personalized portions. Plus, it features a large capacity, up to 6.5 lbs (3 kg) of dry food. There’s a notification when the food level is below 25%. Thanks to its removable food container and pet-proof locking, the food will stay fresh and bacteria-free. It prevents your dog from accessing the inside of the feeder. What’s more, it has a 1-year warranty for every purchase.


  • Large capacity, up to 6.5 lbs (3 kg)
  • Two ways audio completed with a speaker, mic, and HD camera
  • User-friendly app
  • Small and large food dispense trays
  • 1-year warranty
  • Flexible and lots of options for feeding plan
  • Dual power, electricity, and battery


  • It’s a bit pricey

3. PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder

If you want your dog to get the right amount of food on time, PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder can be the best choice. It features a 6L capacity, allowing for up to six meals daily with 15ml each. Thanks to its built-in infrared light indicator, it will remind you to refill the tank. 

To keep dry food flavorful, crunchy, and secure from any poaches, it features secure twist-lock storage. The dog feeder has easy to read LCD panel with detailed instructions. What’s more, you can record a message to call your pet to the bowl before mealtime. 


  • Large capacity with secure twist-lock storage
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • Red indicator as low food storage alarm
  • Recording
  • 10 seconds feeding call


  • Some people found it’s a bit difficult to remove the tray from the bottom

4. WOPET 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

Don’t want to worry about feeding your dog on time, especially when going out? WOPET 6L Automatic Pet Feeder helps to control your pet’s mealtime from anywhere using smartphone programming. It can be programmed for up to 15 meals a day to help your dog from overeating. You can program it by connecting to your smartphone.  

So, no matter where you are, you can individually customize the portions using the app. The dog feeder features auto voice recording to keep your pet excited about mealtimes. Thanks to its dual power mode, you can power the feeder using both battery and adapter. 


  • Customized message recording
  • Flexible and personalized feeding plan 
  • Dual power supply
  • Removable compartment
  • Easy cleaning and refilling


  • Suitable for dry food only

5. Roffie Automatic Pet Feeder

Despite your busy schedules, Roffie Automatic Pet Feeder keeps your dog feeding times consistent for days at a time. Also, it helps to manage the weight of your pets with its flexible 4 meals set up. The dog feeder features a 7L food capacity, dual power supply, and 10 seconds personalized voice recording. 

It’s easy to program, and you can set specific mealtime and size flexibility. Meanwhile, the Infrared Detection technology prevents food from spilling and being stuck in the hole. Plus, a removable food container, ABS shell, and plastic bowl make them easy to clean. To keep the food fresh, it has a sealed top cover. 


  • 7L food capacity
  • Easy and practical to program
  • Consistent portions
  • Personalized voice recording
  • Removable food container, ABS shell, and plastic bowl
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual power supply (power adapter and batteries)


  • The setup buttons are really close
  • No backlight for the display

6. HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder

Using HoneyGuaridan Automatic Feeder could be your best choice if you have two dogs to feed. It would keep they’re fighting over the food thanks to its two-way food dispenser. The feeder is easy to program and customizable. You can customize meal size and time up to 6 meals a day.

It features a unique built-in infrared sensor that lets you know when the food is stuck in the feeder. The LED light will flash blue when the food level is too low. So, it lets you know to fill in more food. If you’re love talking to your dog, you can record a message using its built-in voice recorder and speaker. 

To prevent your dog from accidentally touching or stealing the food, it features anti-touch buttons. The removable stainless steel bowl and food container are easy to install and clean. What’s more, the top lid seal makes the food stay fresh. 


  • Removable stainless steel bowl and food container
  • Voice recording
  • Locking features to keep the pet from touching the screen
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Hold lots of food


  • The speaker may be a bit too loud

7. KATALIC Clog-free Pet Food Dispenser

Next on our list of the best automatic dog feeder is KATALIC Clog-free Pet Food Dispenser. Pet owners love its clog-free food tank and compact size. The food feeder features a large capacity, so you can set scheduled feeding for 2-3 weeks. Also, it’s adjustable. You can set the amount of food in each meal.

While you’re away from home, you can keep your fur friend connected using its voice recording. Featuring a detachable stainless steel bowl, it protects your pet from plastic allergic reactions. Plus, the bowl is easy to clean. What’s more, the feeder has a sliding lock lid to keep dry food crunchy and secure from any poaches. 


  • Removable stainless steel bowl
  • Personalized voice recording
  • Secure sliding lock lid 
  • Clog-free food tank
  • Compact size 
  • Dual power support 


  • Some customers found that the lid was not very sturdy

8. WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

Whether you’re away from home for traveling, working overtime, or having a business trip, you can keep feeding your dog without worry. WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder makes feeding your dog hassle-free. You can customize the setting, so your dog will get the right portion of food at the right time.

The feeder features a 6L food capacity and easy-to-use digital display control. There’s also a built-in voice recorder and speaker to call food time. Meanwhile, the built-in infrared detection prevents food locking and spills. What we love the most are the dual power sources and their ultra-low power consumption. 


  • Easy of use digital control
  • Personalized built-in voice recorder and speaker
  • Built-in infrared detection
  • Low power consumption 


  • You may need a lot of light to see the LCD

What should you consider for the best automatic dog feeder?

Automatic dog feeders may be the best way to feed your dog on time. You’ll find plenty of dog feeders with several features. Hence, you should know what to look for when considering getting one for your fur baby.

Here are things you should consider when deciding to buy your automatic dog feeder.


Every pet owner may need a different amount of food to feed the dog. If you have a big pup, you may want to get the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs. Then, you require a dog feeder with a larger food container capacity, like one of these best 50lb containers. Otherwise, you would need to refill the food repeatedly.

Frequency of meal

Most dog feeders can release food a couple of times a day. Meanwhile, some offer scheduled-set features depending on the number of times you want to feed your dog. So, you should pick a dog feeder that meets your need.

Easy to use and clean

Try finding a dog feeder that is easy to use and set up, especially if it’s connected to your smartphone. Stainless steel or dishwasher-friendly food container and bowl help you with the maintenance and cleaning. So, you should look for a model that is easy to dissemble. Look at the video for setting it up.


Generally, automatic dog feeders feature locking lids to secure the food in the container. However, you should get a dog feeder with a sturdy lock system to keep food safe from poachers.

Dry and wet food compatible

Most automatic dog feeders in the market only dispense for dry food. Hence, you should ensure the automatic feeder is compatible with wet dog food if your pup is mainly consuming canned wet food.

Large or smaller size kibbles

Generally, automatic dog feeders dispense smaller kibbles. So, you should check if the automatic dog feeders dispense large or small kibbles. If your dog eats large kibble, then look for the best automatic dog feeder for large dogs that can dispense large-size kibbles.

Battery Life 

You’ll find automatic dog feeders are operated by batteries. But, nowadays, most automatic dog feeders offer a dual power supply, wall outlet, and batteries. The dual power supply is a better option because the backup battery can be used for a power outage. Choose an automatic dog feeder operated by a battery. You should make sure it offers battery life to last up to a year. 

Additional features 

Now, you’ll find automatic dog feeders with plenty of additional features. Video recording and camera are some of the features. They will keep your dog connected and allow him to know the mealtime. You’ll find plenty of the best automatic dog feeder with camera if you’re looking for this one. 

The Pros of Automatic Dog Feeders

You’ll get some benefits from using automatic dog feeders. Here are some of them.

Save time and give peace of mind

The automatic dog feeder with a timer will give peace of mind whenever you’re out of the house. Whether you’re away for work, business trip, or short holiday. Also, it saves your time and energy; you’ll only need to refill the dog feeder every few days. 

Regular feeding schedule

By using an automatic dog feeder, you can set time to feed your dog on a regular schedule. Your dog can be fed simultaneously and with the same amount of food each day, no matter how busy you become. A regular feeding schedule helps your dog stays happy and healthy.

Weight control

If you’re put plenty of food in the bowl, chances are your dog will overheat them or eat too quickly. Using an automatic feeder, let your dog have meals in healthy and correct portions. You can program the schedule for more frequent, smaller meals, making it an excellent way to manage your dog’s weight. 

Small frequent meal

With a programmable automatic dog feeder, you can schedule smaller portions in multiple meals. It can be a good option for your dog to digest the food. As a result, this way keeps your dog healthy.

The cons of automatic feeders

When there’s a benefit, there may be a disadvantage when using the automatic feeder. Here are things you may need to be aware of:

They’re prone to malfunction

Like any gadget or device, automatic dog feeders also have the potential to malfunction. It could be jammed and not releasing food, leaving your dog without any food. So, it’s not recommended for pet owners to rely on automatic dog feeders for long.

It may take longer to notice if your dog is unwell

When feeding your dog using an automatic feeder, it’s not so easy to see if your pet has eaten the food. You’ll need to keep track of when you fill the hopper the last time. Plus, you need to monitor your fur baby habits regularly. Read more about what to feed your sick dog that is not eating here.

No substitute for pet owners

Most pet owners may think automatic dog feeders are convenient. But, the feeders can’t replace human interaction. Mealtime is one of the ways for your dog to bond with their pet parents and reinforce training. So, dog feeders could be best to use for unavoidable times when you’re not at home. 


Can you put wet food in an automatic feeder?

Yes, you can! Some automatic feeders serve both dry and wet food. Also, we recommend many automatic feeders for wet food only, as they are designed to contain wet food specifically.

Is there a dog feeder with a timer?

The answer is yes, of course! You can save time and energy without having to stop doing your activities just to feed your four-legged friends at home. This is made possible by using the automatic dog feeder with a timer.  There are pros and cons to using a timer, as you may forget to reset it. In some cases, dog owners fail to notice that the battery is dead and the timer doesn’t work without it.

Are gravity feeders good for dogs?

Gravity feeders may not always be suitable for all dogs though it provides food easily at all times. These feeders are ideal for trained dogs who know how much food they can eat each time. But some dogs, like puppies, may overeat the food until they’re gone or full. Overeating may lead to some health problems for your dog. So, if your dog is one of those who just cannot stop eating, we suggest not to pick gravity feeders.

How do automatic dog feeders work?

Some dog feeders work with gravity. When your dog eats the food, there are spaces in the bowl. Then, the feeding bowl is automatically refilled from the container above. Meanwhile, the automatic dog feeders work at times you’ve set. 

Are automatic dog feeders worth it?

Automatic dog feeders can make pet owner life easier, convenient plus save time and energy. Also, they keep your dog healthy while you can feed your dog on your preferred schedule meals and set portions. 

Can I leave my cat alone for 2 days?

Typically, you can leave a cat alone for 2 days as long as your cat is healthy, well adapted to the environment. And more importantly, there’s access to fresh water and food. Which is made possible by using an automatic feeder. However, even with an automatic feeder, it’s not recommended to leave your cat alone for more than two days. 


There’s no doubt that the best automatic dog feeder can make your life a lot easier. You can schedule meals and set portions, and it offers peace of mind. Using automatic dog feeders, ensure your dog is fed on time. Especially when you’re out of the house. In addition, it keeps your dog healthy and happy. However, there are also some drawbacks.

There’s a chance the feeder is likely to malfunction. Also, pet parents may not notice if their fur baby has stopped eating due to illness. Still, suitable automatic dog feeders can be the top choice for daily hassle-free mealtimes. You’ll find automatic dog feeders in different sizes, capacities, and features.

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