The 6 Best Treats For English Bulldogs in 2023

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Although invaluable to all pets, you need the best treats for English bulldogs in 2023 to trust your words and motivate them to do something. The dog breed is not aggressive in any way, but most of them can be stubborn and lazy sometimes. Also, their intelligence level is relatively low, making their training even harder, yet it’s very crucial to them.

Especially when they jump to that senior stage, the bulldog, who was ones a great bloody fighter, even become less enthusiastic about going for a walk. Sadly, however, the sweet pet tends to be highly prone to becoming obese and other various health issues.

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So, his exercise is very crucial if you want to support his healthy lifestyle and feel his warmth for long. And nothing can keep him motivated more than some delicious, healthy candy treats. Same as with the kids, treats can be used as rewards for achievement. Hence, encouraging your dog to do more so that he can get more of those sweeties.

With that, let’s now look at some of the best commercial treats that can get your bulldog off the couch without hesitation.

6 Top Choices Treats for English Bulldogs

Brand Flavor Features Price
Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Beef Crunchy, Bone Marrow & Calcium Current Price
Rachael Ray Nutrish MeatBall Beef, Chicken & Bacon Natural, tasty, Soft, & dietary fiber Current Price
Wellness CORE Marrow Roasts Beef Grain-free, slightly soft & crunchy Current Price
Wellness Natural Puppy Bites  Lamb, & Salmon Soft, fatty acids, & antioxidants Current Price
Old Mother Hubbard Classic Biscuits Peanut butter Crunchy, tasty, & antioxidants Current Price
Pet Qwerks BackBone Stick Peanut Butter Chew toy, Allergen-free & Durable Current Price

1. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Beef Dog Treats

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The Milk-bone snack consists of everything you’ll love to watch your dog enjoy. It features a wholesome formulation, with a super tasty beef flavor and real bone marrow to help facilitate the development of strong teeth and bones.

The treats take a two-layer design, which comprises a meaty part on the inside and a crunchy coating on the outside. So, it can serve as a great dessert to clean the teeth of your dog after his meal. It also has a significant amount of fiber to support digestion and the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

The treats are fit for bulldogs of all sizes, and you can break them up to feed younger ones. They come packed in a canister that has a spin on/ off the lid to help maintain freshness and lockout the germ-carrying bugs.


  • They’re good-tasting and nutritious
  • Rich in calcium amongst other minerals
  • Can be used by all life stages
  • Have a firm and non-sticky texture
  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • They are affordable.


  • Unfit for a dog sensitive to wheat or corn
  • Difficult for dogs with no teeth

2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Meatball Morsels Soft Dog Treats

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This is one of the better choices that you can give to your bulldog in the course of training. It consists of soft meatballs that are easy to eat for any dog size, including the small ones with few or no teeth.

Similar to the other foods from Rachael’s, these treats contain only the good stuff that your dog’s body needs. Each of the meatballs has a mix of Beef, chicken, and Bacon, which offers a natural, delicious taste your pet can’t resist. The three are also great sources of protein, which means your exercising dog has a better chance of boosting his amino acids.

More on that, the snack has Gelatin, a unique amino acid profile that increases brain function and lessens the signs of skin aging. So, you can help improve the intelligence of your dog in solving simple tricks.


  • The treats are soft and easy to chew
  • Safely cooked in the USA
  • Contains no grains or artificial additives
  • Has Pea fiber to support digestion
  • Includes carrots and parsley to provide antioxidant properties
  • They are highly palatable


  • They can leave an obsolete mess on the feeding area
  • Too soft, which makes them difficult to serve without crumbling

3. Wellness Natural Puppy Bites Training Treats

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This is one of the best treats for bulldogs with Eczema or any other skin infections. It features a lovely formula of high-quality ingredients, including a real salmon and flaxseed. Thus providing your pet with DHA and omega-6 fatty acid, which are spectacular natural sources for boosting skin health.

The dog food sweeties are great for every day treating but you can also offer during training as they’re soft and easy to chew. They do have hardworking antioxidants from blueberries, apples, and carrots. So, your bulldog has better protection against respiratory disease and other free radicals.

Even so, these treaties are pretty small in size as they’re specially formulated for puppies and small adult dogs. As such, they might not work very well with the broad and square jaws of mature bulldogs.


  • They have a soft and easy to chew texture
  • All cooked in the USA
  • Very healthy and nutritious
  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Naturally delicious
  • Perfect to promote brain development


  • Quite expensive for the amount you get
  • They dry pretty quick when exposed to air

4. Wellness CORE Marrow Roasts Beef Dog Treats

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As the name of their maker, these treats help improve your dog’s wellness while at the same time boosting their morale. They comprise a hearty beef recipe, with an excellent blend of Ground peas and sweet potatoes to boost energy tank and digestion.

Similarly, the treats have a two-layer form, which features a real meaty marrow at the center and a tender semi-crunchy exterior. The cooked bone marrow helps supplement calcium and other essential minerals to support healthy teeth and bones in your dog.

Still, the pet snack recipe has a safe amount of vinegar and ground flaxseed, both of which are very helpful in improving the digestive tract health. The flaxseeds also have a significant amount of omega -3 fatty acids. Thus, very helpful in maintaining the thick, glossy coat of your bulldog.


  • It features only premium and natural ingredients
  • Contains no grains, artificial colors or flavors
  • 100% prepared in the USA
  • Slightly soft for easier breaking or chewing
  • Good taste and don’t smell bad
  • Great for training


  • Relatively expensive
  • Can cause the runs when fed more than recommended.

5. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Biscuits P-Nuttier Dog Treats

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This is yet another treat that you can use to reward your bulldog after a successful training or as a dessert after his meal. It comprises classic bone-shaped biscuits and a smooth crunchy profile to support the health and clean the teeth. The treats have been prepared by oven-baking with wheat, just as with the regular biscuits.

So, it can help replenish the energy tank of your furry friend after having completed his exercises. But that’s not all.
The dog treats feature hardworking antioxidants from farm carrots and apples. Then, added with mixed Tocopherols that usually comprise a form of vitamin E to help prevent fast breaking down of included fat. Hence, ensuring the diet remain fresh for a longer time.

The treat has a classic and tantalizing peanut flavor that’s surely appealing to even the peaky eaters. Nothing synthetic has been used, which means no room for second thought or worry while giving the little guy.


  • It consists of wholesome and nutritious ingredients
  • Fit for all life stages
  • Highly palatable
  • Wholly prepared in the USA
  • Can fit in Kong bone toys to keep your dog busy and entertained
  • It’s great in promoting immune system health.


  • They’re relatively expensive
  • Pretty small, which means you’ll have to give your dog two or three

6. Pet Qwerks BackBone Stick Peanut Butter Dog Treats

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Every dog loves some times with his bone and that’s why this treat comes as one. It has a bone-like design that should help keep your dog engaged and entertained while at the same time improving his dental health.

The snack stick consists of food-grade nylon so that it doesn’t compromise the health of your pet in case he accidentally eats some pieces. It’s pretty hard though, to ensure the pouch gets to enjoy for a while before breaking.

The treat has a sweet-tasting peanut butter coating on the whole top. So, it’s quite impossible for your dog to turn it down, particularly when considering how gluttonous and determined bulldogs are.


  • It’s FDA-compliant and food-safe
  • Has a strong and durable build
  • Tasty and hard to resist
  • Easy to pick up and hold when chewing
  • Great for strengthening and cleaning the teeth
  • It’s very affordable.


  • It’s not the best option for heavy chewers
  • Could be dangerous if unmonitored

Final Verdict

In general, around 90 percent of dogs are motivated by food. So, treats area big part of the daily food ration for the pets. Not just in the training processes, but in their everyday routine and to promote their healthy lifestyle.

In the article, we have reviewed some of the best treats for English bulldogs of all ages and wellness. Each of the snacks has its unique shape and different ingredients that will work on your dog in different ways.

We have discussed several semi-moist options that are the easiest to use during training. Then, highlighted some crunchy biscuits like those from the Old Mother Hubbard, which you can give to your dog to clean and support teeth health.
As we conclude, always control the number of treats you give to your bulldog or any other dog breed. It’s very easy to overfeed the sweeties, which can then lead to side effects like overweight.

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