Nutro vs Blue Buffalo Detailed Comparison

When it comes to choosing the best dog food, getting the right brand is essential. Instead of mixing things up from different brands, sticking to one is recommended. However, this does not mean you have to stick to one bag of dog food. Nowadays, brands like Nutro and Blue Buffalo provide many varieties for you … Read more

Detailed Comparison on Acana vs Merrick

Acana vs Merrick

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FAQ: How Much Does a 12-Week Old Puppy Eat?

How much does a 12 week old puppy eat

When a puppy reaches 12 weeks, they have gained full maturity in their digestive system and mental health. This is why keeping a 12-week puppy isn’t as easy as it looks, and some owners, especially new owners, are having trouble knowing how much does a 12 week old puppy eats. This is crucial because if … Read more

How Often Should I Feed My 7 Week Old Puppy?

7 week old puppy feeding schedule

It may appear like owning a 7-week-old puppy is simple. Remember that when they are around three weeks old, the owner must have complete control over what they consume and their nutritional requirements. Adopting a 7-week-old puppy, for example, maybe one of the best suggestions from many individuals when it comes to adopting a puppy. … Read more