How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy? ( Easy Steps)

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Pitbull puppies are some of the cutest creatures you’ll cherish having next to you. They have very cute eyes and a sweet smile that wins you over even when you have not decided to keep a dog. In this post, I want to show you some tips on how to build muscle on a pitbull puppy in case you’ve have adopted one.

But before we build some muscles, let’s have a brief look at this sweet pet as most people tend to associate it with very unfair discrimination.

A Brief Introduction to a Pitbull Dog

Historically, the pitbull dogs are often associated with the Molossus breed which lived during the Ancient Roman times. The dog family originated from bulldogs and terriers but it’s not yet approved as an official breed due to unfair discrimination. In fact, the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize Pitbulls as a specific breed due to the biased rumors on violence and aggressiveness. For the latter, nevertheless, you can use that to your advantage through proper care and training.

Although very protective for “their” people, Pitbulls are quite friendly as well. Once you train them how to socialize, they are so gentle and loving, particularly to children (hence, the nickname “nanny dogs”). When a puppy, the dog wants only to play all day and every day.

A Pitbull dog has high intelligence, hence, you can teach him some tricks and commands quickly and with ease. The training, nonetheless, should be done when still young to avoid the breed’s inherent stubbornness and bossiness. You have to let your dog learn that you’re the one in control or else he becomes hard to control when fully grown.

how to build muscle on a pitbull puppy

Some of the characteristics of a Pitbull dog include:

  • The high energy level and exercise intensity
  • Potential for playfulness
  • Easy to groom
  • High intelligence and sensitivity level.
  • Easy to train
  • Very affectionate with family
  • Very gentle and friendly to kids
  • High potential for mouthiness ( tendency to nip and play-bite without puncturing the skin)

Also, it’s worth to know that a pit bull dog doesn’t tolerate being alone. As such, just go for another breed if you know you won’t have enough time to offer firm and gentle discipline.

How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy

An adult Pitbull is a large dog breed which can have a weight of up to 70 pounds. This is a lot of energy which can become destructive if the canine is not physically and mentally stimulated. For him to attain this kind of weight, nevertheless, is not something that will occur naturally. You have to provide the best care since when young so that the body mass can be constituted with muscles and not just unhealthy fat.
Just as with the humans, a well-defined muscle structure of your pitbull displays the beauty and physical capabilities of your dog. The process only involves three steps and a lot of commitment as the owner. The three steps include:

  • Accurate diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Cardio
  • And supplement

Since today’s subject is on how to build muscle on a pitbull puppy, it’s extremely important not to over-coach any of the three measures. Otherwise, you might cause undesirable complications which can even lead to permanent damage to your pooch.

1. Proper Diet

If you ask a true bodybuilder on the secret to developing muscles, he/she will tell you 80% of your focus should be in the kitchen. Similarly, you have to provide your pitbull puppy with the right diet before you even start subjecting him to any form of physical training.

The diet of your dog must be rich in protein (preferably 40%) and carbohydrates (40% as well). A high amount of protein will help in building and repairing muscles, whilst maintaining a strong immune system, bones, and joints. The carbs, on the other hand, will provide the fuel your little friend needs for his daily activities.

The remaining 20% of your dog’s diet has to come from a good source of fat. This will help provide additional energy and also maintain a healthy, clean skin & coat.

When coaching your pitbull puppy to build muscles, you have to provide 6 small meals every day without exceeding the recommended amount. This will help stimulate an anabolic muscle-building state and avoid developmental problems associated with rapid growth, including obesity. It was market best dog food for pitbull puppies to gain weight.

Since many dog foods don’t have all the nutrients your pet needs for growth, remember to provide extra supplements for vitamins and minerals. However, some ready-made canine’s diets like the Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Chicken Blend Dog come with all the essential nutrients your pet requires.

2. Exercise Your Puppy

Although diet is the key aspect of building muscles in your pitbull puppy, proper exercises have to come in hand as well. Support your dog with physical activities such as running up hills and using a spring pole toy. This will tear the weak muscles, which will then repair and rebuild stronger ones (considering you provide a proper meal plan that we discussed).

While exercising a young pitbull, you have to do it moderately to avoid damaging the growth plates before they close. This development stage predominantly occurs after one year, after which you can now raise the exercise intensity. Once the pup is 2 years old, you then start introducing other exercises like pulling weights and wearing a weighted vest.

The pulled weight enables your puppy to work out harder, which then build muscles faster than when the canine is carrying its own body weight.

3. Cardio

Pulling weights and weighted vests are more of a cardio exercise to your pitbull puppy. Similar to the rest of high-intensity cardio workouts, you have to offer it for shorter periods (10-15 minutes/ day) so as not to burn your dog’s muscles.

Apart from the weighted exercises, sprints and running up steps can also provide your dog with optimal cardio to build muscles.

4. Supplement

What about the supplement? The supplement is an option to build your pitbull puppy. Many people are using different supplements to grow or build muscle their dogs. A supplement is always an extra option but you can use it for a quick response. I suggest you the best supplement on the market for your Pitbull puppy. This is a complete answer, how to make my pitbull gain weight and muscle?

Let the Muscles Grow Now

Well, those are the primary aspects to consider if you want your pitbull puppy to have that beautiful muscular body while growing up. However, growing muscles is not something that will happen overnight. As such, have patience and observe the three steps to the letter, without skipping any of them. At the end of it, you’ll have a well-defined muscular pitbull dog that you’ll cherish walking with on the street even if you’re skinny.

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