Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild: Which One Should You Get?

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Feeding your dog is as important as taking them on their daily walk. What they eat contributes to what they grow up to be. The better the food, the healthier a dog would be. And the healthier your dog, the happier they are! For this, a raw home-cooked meal is the best. But not everybody has the time to prep and cook every day. So your choice comes down to picking packed food that best represents the benefits of a raw home-cooked meal. That brings us to Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild. Before we dig deeper into each product’s pros and cons, we have to say that both are great. Which one you should buy depends on what you and your dog prefer.

First of all, not many people know that Taste of the Wild is also manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. The company has been running since 1970. So whichever you choose, you will get the same quality that your dog will benefit from. What’s more important that Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. champions in producing all-natural food for pets.

As you can tell from its name, Diamond Naturals is all about natural ingredients without any chemical additives that may compromise your dog’s health. Taste of the Wild, on the other hand, tries to replicate the taste and ingredients combination your dog would eat had they been living in the wild as a free canine. One of the most important things is: most of their product is grain-free!

The main differences: Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild

Even though both products provide the same quality and similar ideas in giving your dog natural food, there are differences. Diamond Naturals provides 30 products in total with options for different ages and sizes of the breed. Each product contains formulas for each stage of growth. This makes it a great option for a puppy or small breed owners, as well as for large breed owners. These special formulas make sure you don’t overfeed your fur babies.

On the other hand, Taste of the Wild offers 19 products in total with options for different types of diet. Each product has different recipes for certain nutrition you want. Needless to say, we recommend checking the product’s ingredients before buying. Even though Taste of the Wild doesn’t specifically provide products for a certain age, the recipes offered are more than enough for you to choose from. We dare to say that expert dog owners would love the latter, while the former provides a more convenient and quicker shopping experience.

Besides their product ranges, the battle between Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild continues to other things.

Let’s take a look at it one by one!

Protein Source

Diamond Naturals contain chicken, beef, lamb, and salmon that are bred cage-free or farm-raised. This ensures the quality of the meat. Taste of the Wild champions itself providing unique sources of protein. Wild boar, bison, venison, Angus beef, smoked salmon, and roasted duck are among its essential ingredients. Yum!

Grains and Carbs

Even though your beloved canines are pretty much carnivores, they also need carbs. Not as much as us humans, but enough to help them burn the fat and protein they eat. We can go back and forth on whether or not rice is good for dogs. But the good news is, we have options for both opinions! Diamond Naturals products mostly contain grain, where rice is one of their main sources of carbs. But for grain-sensitive pets, Diamond Naturals provides grain-free products as well. On the other hand, Taste of the Wild is completely grain-free! However, you should note that some products may contain traces of ancient grains, such as sorghum and millet.


On average, Diamond Naturals products cost around 1.4 USD per pound for dry food and 2.1 USD per pound for wet food. While Taste of the Wild costs around 1.9 USD per pound and 2.9 USD per pound respectively. In other words, Diamond Naturals is cheaper than Taste of the Wild.

Protein Percentage

Even though Taste of the Wild is more expensive per pound, the protein percentage it contains is more than Diamond Naturals. On average, Diamond Naturals’ dry food products only contain around 27% of protein while Taste of the Wild has over 30%. The same applies to their dry food products. Diamond Naturals contains around 43% protein and Taste of the Wild wins at 45%.

Fat and Fiber Percentage

Both products, Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild contain around 16-17% fat and 4.5-5% fiber. One is slightly more than another, but it’s nothing significant.


For pet owners who love to give their dogs treat, Diamond Naturals offer 6 (six) options of healthy treats. Taste of the Wild does not.

Besides all these main differences, there are other things you should know about each product before choosing one over the other. Take a look at our comparison table below to give you a better idea!

Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild Comparison

Ingredients Diamond Naturals  Taste of the Wild
Main Ingredients (Protein source)  Cage-free chicken, pasture-raised beef and lamb, real salmon Wild boar, bison, roasted duck, venison, Angus beef, smoked salmon
Carbs Source  Rice and potato  Potato and sweet potato
Vegetables and Fruits  Kale, blueberries, carrots, and papaya (bright-colored vegetables) Raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes
Fiber Pumpkin, dried kelp and coconut, chia seeds Garbanzo beans, dried chicory root, chickpeas, chia seeds
Dog food products 30 19
Dog treats  Available in 6 options Not available
Grain-Free Some products All products
Probiotics Yes Yes
Fatty Acids  Some products have Omega-6 and some have Omega-3 Omega-6 and Omega-3 combined
Made for Extreme Weight Gain Yes No
Recall History Once in 2013, due to low level of Vitamin B1 Once in 2012, due to issues related to Salmonella
Dry food cost  1.4 USD per pound  1.9 USD per pound
Wet food cost 2.1 USD per pound 2.9 USD per pound

The advantages of choosing Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals consists of high-quality ingredients for balanced and complete nutrition. Each of their pet food products is made to meet your dog’s dietary needs. In case you’re not familiar with their products, take a look at our selection of 6 best Diamond Naturals Dog Food Reviews here.

Whichever Diamond Naturals dog food you choose, you’ll get the same essential ingredients that make them good. Their essential ingredients are cage-free chicken, pasture-raised beef and lamb, real salmon, and of course, fruits and veggies. As you can see, it’s no joke when they say “natural” ingredients.

Cage-free chicken has better quality protein than regular chicken. Not to mention the right amount of fat it contains which is great to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Besides the chicken, beef and lamb also make great protein sources. And your dog will love its yummy taste, guaranteed! While we see plenty of other products advertise salmon as their ingredients, only a few have real salmon in it. Diamond Naturals is one of them. Real salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and important minerals.

The benefits don’t just stop there. Some of the best Diamond Naturals products contain probiotics. This helps your dog’s digestive tract like nothing else. If you’re living in a city or anywhere far from natural resources, Diamond Naturals products are more than useful to give what your dog needs.

The advantages of choosing Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild boasts itself in providing not just natural ingredients, but also natural sources of nutrition for your dogs. Each product contains things your dog would hunt had they been living in the wilderness. Wild board, venison, and Angus beef are some of the essential ingredients every canine would love. Taste-wise, Taste of the Wild wins the game.

Since a native diet may not work for some house pets, Taste of the Wild also has products that combine the benefits of these natural protein sources with a modern diet. Proven worked by your pet’s ancestral, Taste of the Wild products and recipes contain all the ingredients and nutrition your pet needs not just to grow up well, but also to thrive.

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To best replicate the canine life in the wilderness, Taste of the Wild provides some wet food options as well. How does Salmon and Roasted Venison in Gravy sound like? That’s not taken of a 5-star restaurant’s menu, but straight from Taste of the Wild’s product list!

What we mostly love about Taste of the Wild products, besides its natural yet delicious taste, is that it’s grain-free. All products, including the cat foods, contain no grain. Like humans, some pets can be sensitive to grains. Bloated stomach and other digestive issues may occur if you feed your dog rice, wheat, or other types of grains. Since all Taste of the Wild products is grain-free, they are completely safe even for sensitive stomachs. Keep in mind that some products may have traces of ancient grains such as sorghum and millet.

Is it safe for your dog to consume both products at the same time?

Yes. Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild are basically everyday meals for your fur babies. Asking the winner between Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild is like choosing two restaurants that serve different cuisines. Can you eat at both restaurants? Yes. Even if you visit one restaurant right after the other, it is completely fine. The only problem would be: how much have you eaten at the previous restaurant?

The same thing goes to feeding your dog both products. Are you going to mix them? Or are you going to alternate between the two? What’s more important is: will you be able to monitor the amount of nutrition you’re mixing?

Even though it’s completely safe and okay, we suggest not mixing or feed your dogs both products at the same time.

Because if you mix them without measuring them well, you may end up overfeeding your dogs. Not to mention the number of ingredients that your dogs may not need. For example, if one product already contains high protein, feeding more protein would not be a good idea, unless you make sure your dog exercises often and enough. If helping your dog to gain weight is what you’re aiming for, we suggest reading our guide on how to make a dog gain weight fast make sure you do it on track.

The Final Verdict

Diamond Naturals combine modern diet with natural ingredients your dog can have. Free-range chicken, beef, and lamb are commonly found in dog food. And they sure will love the familiar taste! Besides, when it comes to cost per pound, Diamond Naturals is cheaper.

Taste of the Wild offers protein, protein, and protein among other good things it contains. It focuses on providing what your dogs would eat had they been living in the wilderness. Go for Taste of the Wild if you care about giving what your dog should have by design.


When it comes to feeding your dog, making a raw or home-cooked meal is the best option. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to prep meals, even for ourselves. So now we seek for easy-to-grab food for dogs. Kibbles have always been the easiest and popular option. But dried food with artificial taste is not something your dog will enjoy eating every day. Besides, the number of additives can be dangerous in a long term. Thankfully, we have tons of dog food options to choose from!

Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild are among the top-rated pet foods available at pet stores. Both champions in providing natural ingredients as your dog’s source of nutrition. But even with such similarity, these two products are different. That said, choosing the winner of Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild is like recommending which dish you should eat. The answer depends on what taste you like, or in this case, what taste your dog likes. Also, consider what kinds of ingredients your dog would most benefit from.

Diamond Naturals products are the best choice for those looking for natural ingredients in a more familiar form and taste. On the other hand, Taste of the Wild is for those dogs enjoying their ancestral’s diet fresh from the wilderness! Whichever you choose, your dog will get all the benefits of natural sources of nutrition.

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