What Can I Give To My Dog To Make Her Feel Full?

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There may be far too many occasions where you give up on your pet’s puppy eyes as they ask for more treats. It’s something almost every dog owner has gone through. Or maybe it’s just another morning scratches on the door and someone’s ready for their breakfast. While you’re in your last moments of slumber, your furry friend can’t wait for you to fill their bowl. But the question is, are they really hungry? Or do they only want your attention?

According to Dr. Rebecca Remillard, a veterinary nutrition consultant and diplomate for the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN), “dogs are opportunistic scavengers.” She adds, “if given the opportunity, they might eat everything in sight including the refrigerator.” Remillard also says that dogs eat for reasons beyond fulfilling their hunger. Just like humans, there are supporting factors about why dogs love eating. “Food is love. We eat as a form of community. Conversely, we eat because we’re lonely and stressed, too,” explains Remillard.

What Can I Give To My Dog To Make Her Feel Full

With this in mind, keeping your dog full can be a difficult task. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not doable. If you ever wonder about what can I give my dog to make her feel full, we’ll give you the answer through this article. Here are 15 dog foods that will keep your four-legged friend full. Looking for treats? Take a look at our list of 6 best treats for English Bulldogs.

What Can I Give My Dog to Make Her Feel Full

Before you choose which food to give your dog, try to pay attention to their body composition score. Most vets recommend somewhere between 4-6 on a scale of 1 – 9 or 2,5 on a scale of 1 – 5. That said, this still depends on what type of dog they are. A 50-pound Great Dane weighs very differently from a 50-pound Cocker Spaniel. Not to mention how every dog also eats differently.

Even though they keep asking for more food, as long as they manage to maintain their body composition score, there’s nothing to worry about. Next time they’re still begging for food even though they just finished eating, they probably just want attention. Yep, they are cute like that!

We looked up the best dog foods to keep your dog full. Check out the full list below!

  1. Instinct Rawboost Mixers

If your dog eats dry food, it’s recommended to give them toppers. The main reason is to expand the range of nutrients you’re feeding them. Based on the suggestion made by Jennifer Freeman, DVM, resident veterinarian and pet care expert at PetSmart. You can easily add homemade toppers for your furry friends by making cooked eggs, canned sardines, blueberry or pumpkin, and sauteed leafy greens for example. Or if you prefer to have something ready to grab at any time, try adding Instinct Rawboost Mixers as their snacks.


  • Especially good for female dogs
  • Great selection of ingredients
  • Suitable for picky eaters


  • A little more expensive than most dog foods

2. Taste of The Wild High Prairie

Despite its controversy, Taste of The Wild remains one of the best dog foods available in the market. Aside from incorporating highly nutritious ingredients, they’re very much affordable. Their grain-free line offers 9 different recipes, including the High Prairie. Each recipe available is following the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrient profiles. With meat meals as their main source of animal protein, you should keep these kibbles in stock at home. We compared Taste of The Wild vs. Canidae on this article.


  • Made of fresh buffalo as well as chicken and lamb meats
  • Affordable
  • Very nutritious


  • Taste of The Wild products is suspected to cause chronic heart disease in dogs according to a 2017 FDA report.

3. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

With about 43% protein, 21% fat, and 28% estimated carbs, Orijen Original Dry Dog Food makes great kibbles to keep your dog full. The company claims that about 85% of the food ingredients are animal-based. While the rest is fruits and veggies. The majority of its animal protein comes from chicken, fish, and turkey. And note that even though poultries are quality ingredients, raw poultry contains about 73% water. Most of the moisture is lost after it’s cooked, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight. Find out which one of the available 8 recipes is your dog’s fave!


  • Most recipes derived from fish, chicken, and turkey
  • Meat rich
  • Above-average protein and fat nutrients


  • A bit expensive

4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

While it could be a matter of your dog’s preferences, switching to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula was a big difference for some dogs. It’s safe to say that it particularly contains friendly ingredients. Some pet parents noticed major improvements in their fur baby’s skin issues and high cholesterols. Among the 28 recipes available, Chicken and Brown Rice Small Bite Adult is the most popular. With 50% carbs, 27% protein, and 16% fat, this one is not only making your dog full but also very healthy! The second ingredient to this recipe includes chicken meal which is a type of meat concentration and contains 300% more protein than fresh chicken. Take a look how Blue Buffalo compared to Purina Pro Plan.


  • Contains estimated carbs of 50%
  • Available in both grain-free and grain-inclusive ingredients
  • Friendly on the tummy and skin


  • Online purchase of the bags have caused serious issues on some dogs

5. Zignature Limited Ingredient Venison

People may stray away from Zignature because of its rather high price tag. But we need to tell you that their Zignature Limited Ingredient Venison is worth your every penny. After all, your furry baby’s health should always be your number one priority. Zignature Limited Ingredient Venison offers about 42% carbohydrate content and a 52% fat-to-protein ratio. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for dry foods with above-average protein. Not only this dry food will keep your dog feeling full, but it’s also highly nutritious. If you’re willing to spend a couple more bucks for your pet, Zignature is one of your best options to answer “What can I give my dog to make her feel full?”


  • Suitable for allergic dogs
  • Friendly for the tummy
  • Contains venison and venison meal (concentrate)


  • Ingredients may cause heart failures in dogs (lentils, peas, chickpeas)
  • More expensive than other dog foods

6. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Pet food is a large industry in the US. And just like other large industries, there’s always a catch to something that seems too good to be true. Dr. Carly Fox, a veterinarian in New York’s Medical Center suggests that it’s always important to make sure that your chosen dog dry food has been evaluated by AAFCO. This set of standards helps you find out what’s inside your dog’s food and what it does to your pet’s body. Aside from keeping this in mind, learning about which ingredient is good or harmful for canine is also worth doing. On that note, each of the available recipes of Purina Pro Plan includes AAFCO nutrient profile. Including Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. Read the product’s full review about Purina pro plan sensitive skin.


  • Does exactly what it promises: great for sensitive skin and stomach
  • Grain-, soy-, corn-free
  • Good size for the price


  • Not the best option to buy online

7. Wag Dry Dog Food

This Amazon in-house dry dog food is available in three different main ingredients: chicken, beef, and salmon. While it contains so much plant-based protein, Wag Dry Dog Food still makes one of the best dog foods to keep your mutton full. It offers above-average protein as well as near-average fat according to Dog Food Advisor’s reviews. The best part is, you won’t find corn or wheat, which makes a solid dog chow all in all.


  • Shiny fur coat
  • Happens to be some picky eaters’ favorite
  • Great value for money


  • Contains pea protein, which is proven to be fillers and not as beneficial

8. Nature’s Logic Canine Chicken Meal Feast

Available in 9 dry recipes, Nature’s Logic dry dog food is probably one of the most highly rated out there. It’s among the few dog foods meeting AAFCO nutrient standards by using live feeding trials. Considering the market and industry, that alone should give you enough peace of mind. Aside from the Canine Chicken Meal Feast, you can also find pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey, sardine, venison, as well as duck and salmon. With the nutrients it offers, it’s worth your every penny.


  • Meeting AAFCO nutrient standards by using live feeding trials
  • One of the best grain-inclusive kibbles in the market
  • Ingredients include a significant amount of animal-based proteins


  • Expensive

9. Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult

Consumers have been recommended to check the first five ingredients when choosing dog foods. It’s the simplest and quickest way to find out what you’re feeding your dog. With so many choices available in the market today, it’s also our responsibility to be selective to maintain our pup’s health. If you happen to have a small breed dog as your company, we suggest you go with Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult.


  • Contains a notable amount of animal-based protein in its ingredients
  • 56% fat-to-protein ratio
  • Supports healthier skin and coat


  • Ingredients include type rice products such as brown rice, brewers rice, rice bran

10. Canidae PURE Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato

Canidae Pure Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato may cost you a couple more bucks than other dog foods. But the benefits it offers for your pup are unbeatable. Aside from the salmon and sweet potato recipe, you can find other 11 top-of-the-class kibble recipes. It’s also available for size-specific breeds as well as different age groups. Highly recommended to give them this if you’ve been wondering what can I give my dog to make her feel full. It’s one of the best dog food for bulldogs!


  • Rich in omega–3 fatty acids
  • Includes a significant amount of animal-based protein
  • Free of corn, wheat, and soy


  • Not the best option to buy online. Some users mentioned about product’s differences.

11. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food

The best way to convince customers is by giving us proof of how good the product is. And Purina Pro Plan is committed to doing so. Their product line is designed and produced following a strict guideline recommended by World Small Vetenerary Association. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food is no exception, being one among the available 18 kibble recipes. The majority of its animal protein is derived from fresh chicken with an overall protein of about 30%. It’s highly nutritious, affordable, and most importantly, you can easily find them at your nearest pet supplies.


  • Very affordable
  • Pro Plan is frequently mentioned by veterinary professionals and breeders
  • The production process includes boards of certified vets


Some of the recipes contain glycerin and vitamin K; usage of both ingredients in canine food is questionable among professional peers.

The best foods for a healthy and happy furry friend

As pet parents, we all want to provide all the best quality kibbles for our fury kids. Remember to store them in the best dog food container to keep them fresh. While sometimes we worry about what can I give my dog to make her feel full, their nutrient intakes are often overlooked. It’s no longer a secret that some dog food manufacturers may manipulate ingredients to make your dog feel full. Yet the food has little to no effects on their health and growth.

But what if my dog keeps asking for food? There’s a big chance that they’re not so hungry. Instead, they’re asking to play with you or even simply just want your attention. Even if they do want to eat more, you can always prize them with treats every now and then. As long as your vet tells you that they’re in their ideal posture, there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you think your dog needs to maintain their weight and you don’t want to spoil them that often, there are recommended ways to treat them. You can try to divert their attention. Dr. Valerie Parker, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Ohio State University recommends taking them for a walk/jog. “Fifteen minutes of quality time will help keep his mind off of food,” she explains.

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