Detailed Comparison on Acana vs Merrick

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Whether you’ve had a dog for a long time or recently got one, selecting the best and most suitable dog food is essential. You might seek advice from the internet or family members, and you might hear that Acana and Merrick are the best dog foods available.

However, the debate of Acana vs Merrick is a contentious one among dog owners, and deciding which one is better for your dog can be tough. Ingredients, scaled nutrition, and pricing will all be discussed so you can decide which one to put in your cart. Let’s see who offers the better value in terms of nutrition and price: Acana or Merrick.

About Acana

Acana is a well-known dog food brand in the United States and its environs. They offer an all-in-one meal for cats and dogs of all ages. Acana provides a puppy, adult, and senior age group for dogs, with each food in each age category being measured to ensure that it meets the dog’s needs. Made with fresh ingredients to meet their protein needs while also providing vegetables and fruits. If you’re looking for fresh pork, chickens, or turkeys, Acana can provide you with quality assurance. The majority of their ingredients are produced, harvested, and developed, making this brand one of the greatest in the United States. See how this brand compared to others on Acana vs Orijen.

About Merrick

Due to its popularity, Merrick dog food is well-known among dog owners and pet stores. Merrick’s dog food comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, making it a terrific value in terms of nutrients. As their primary goal, they use high-quality, fresh whole foods to create the best food for your dog’s health, and they use a well-researched process to ensure its quality. Many of their versions are well-calculated and designed specifically for each age group, ensuring that your dog has the finest enjoyment while also receiving the optimum nutrition. We also compare Merrick to Blue Buffalo in another article.

Acana vs Merrick Comparison Table

Now that you know why Acana and Merrick are two of the finest dog foods on the market, it’s time to find out who is the best of the best, as we discussed before. Take a look at the table below for the best visual comparison. Let us begin the comparison!

Protein SourcePork, Chickens, Turkey, Fish, Eggs.   Dry dog food = 36% protein each serving.   Wet dog food = 44% protein each serving.  Fish, Chicken, Beef.     Dry dog food = 35% protein each serving   Wet dog food = 43% protein each serving.
Carbs SourceRice, corns.   Dry dog food = 34% carbs each serving.  Brown rice, rice, corns.   Dry dog food = 40% carbs each serving.
Vegetables and fruitsPumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, apples, pears, potatoes.  Apples, potatoes, baby carrots, blueberries, peas.  
Fiber  Oatmeal, rice.   Dry dog food = 6% fiber each serving,   Wet dog food = 8% fiber each serving.  Brown rice, barley, rice.   Dry dog food = 4% fiber each serving.   Wet dog food = 8% fiber each serving.
Fatty Acids  Omega 3 fatty acids = 0.8% Omega 6 fatty acids = 2.5%  Omega 3 fatty acids = 0.4% Omega 6 fatty acids = 3.5%
Grain-freeSome products such as: Acana Light, Acana Fit.  Some products such as: Grain Free Real Bison Recipe, Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe.  
Variety  43 variants on both dry and wet food (2021)163 variants on both dry and wet food (2021)  
Recall History  No recall history2010: Salmonella2010: Salmonella2010: Salmonella2011: Salmonella2011: Salmonella2018: elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone  
PricePer pound = $3.38 Per calorie = $0.0022  Per pound = $4.61 Per calorie = $0.0028

Ingredients Comparison between Acana vs Merrick

All information between Acana and Merrick may be seen in the comparison table above. However, the best dog food must have the best ingredients, which is critical because nutrients are the most important thing they absorb. In this comparison, we’ll look at what they offer in terms of protein, carbs, fatty acids, fiber, and vegetables in each category. Every component will be thoroughly described, and we will visualize who offers the most excellent bargain, Acana or Merrick. Let’s have a look.

Protein Source

Good dog food must contain the best amount of protein, not too much, not too less. It’s very important to take a good look at the protein you’re giving to your puppy since they need it the most. Acana uses pork, chicken, and turkey as their primary source of protein which is an excellent ingredient. Merrick regularly uses fishes, but it also uses beef and chickens for some recipes that they use.

When it comes to protein percentage, Acana versus Merrick is a close match. There are two types of food: dry and wet food, each with a distinct protein %. Acana’s dry food has roughly 36 percent protein per serving, and their wet food has 44 percent. On the other hand, Merrick includes roughly 35% protein on dry food and 43% on wet food. Although Acana appears to have a somewhat higher protein content than Merrick, the amounts are nearly the same.

Carbs source

Carbs keep your dog fuller for longer, which is crucial because you’ll need to keep track of the calories in each item by looking at the carbs. Each serving of Acana and Merrick has a different quantity of carbs. Therefore we’ll use the carbs in their dry foods as an example. B

Both brands employ a comparable carb source, which is critical for your dog’s carb requirements. Merrick employs brown rice as one of its carb sources, whereas Acana uses whole rice and corn. Acana has 34% carbs per serving of dry food, while Merrick has 40% carbs per serving, which is greater than Acana because of the brown rice.

Fiber Source

When choosing the best food for your dog, fiber is one of the most crucial factors to consider. It is one of the most crucial, yet potentially harmful ingredients to include in your dog’s treat if it is not appropriate for them. When it comes to maximizing their fiber components, Acana and Merrick use various substances, as seen in the table above.

The most common fibers utilized are oatmeal and rice, which Acana takes advantage of. Merrick, on the other hand, comprises fiber-rich barley, brown rice, and whole rice. Acana wins by 6% fiber per serving in dry food, while Merrick only gets 4 percent. On the other hand, the wet food has the same amount of fiber as dry food, which is 8%. However, note that these fibers sometimes don’t suit all dogs. Be sure to know what possible negative reaction your dog might give to a specific ingredient.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits must be included in your dog’s feed to round out the meal. It’s critical to consider what types of vegetables and fruits your dog consumes because maintaining their immune system is critical. Neither Acana nor Merrick uses the same method for incorporating vegetables and fruits into their meals. Merrick employs apples, potatoes, tiny carrots, blueberries, and peas in their meals. In contrast, Acana uses pumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, apples, pears, potatoes, and more vegetables. They state that their vegetables and fruits are grown locally, and that quality is closely controlled. In this case, both products result in a tie.

Quality Comparison

Both Acana and Merrick make excellent products, but it can be challenging to locate the greatest quality in their products. We analyzed both effects in a thorough comparison, allowing us to identify who has the greatest ingredients. In terms of quality, the recall history comparison shows the outcome. As demonstrated in the table, Acana has never had a recall, but Merrick has had many salmonella outbreaks. As a result, it’s safe to conclude that Acana’s quality is more certain.

Price Comparison

Price, of course, decides what we will purchase in the end. Let’s see which product offers the most value for money per pound in our price comparison. Acana sells each pound for $3.38, whereas Merrick sells each pound for $4.61. A dollar difference, but Acana emerges victorious in this comparison.


After a thorough comparison, complete with a side-by-side data table for each product, the winner of Acana vs Merrick is up to you. When it comes to ingredients, quality, and affordability, each product delivers. Acana is a fantastic package that includes a variety of protein and vegetable sources and the best pricing. Merrick, on the other hand, is the way to go if you’re searching for variety. Merrick might be a daily selection for your dog’s meal because it offers a wide variety of dry and wet food. Both have a fantastic ingredient selection, but choose the one that best suits your dog.

Which one do you think is winning? Acana or Merrick? Put your thoughts in the comment below.

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