Victor dog food vs Blue Buffalo: Which is The Best for Your Dog?

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We know how much you love your dogs. And you want to give them the best dog food to ensure they have a healthy and long life. However, it seems that dog foods are getting more and more expensive. Plus, there are tons of dog food options. It can be difficult to pick the right food for your lovable furry friend, especially, the premium-quality. In this article, we’re going to help you choose the winner of Victor Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo.

For your dog’s optimal health, it’s important to give them high-quality food. You can feed them a pure kibble. Or you can mix the food with some raw or cooked meat, fish, and vegetables. Dry, biscuit-like food you’ve known these days were created in England in the 1860s. High-quality dog food contains nutrients. It’s divided into protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. The composition of dog food varies from one manufacture to another.

Most dog foods are made up of meat, fish, and poultry. Plus, there are additional grains, corn gluten, soybean, and vitamins and minerals.

You want to be sure which of the premium foods is worth for your pup. Both Victor dog food and Blue Buffalo are excellent premium options for your furry friend. This article can guide you to compare the differences between Victor Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo. We hope it will help you decide on which dog food is the right one for your dog.

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Dog Food Ingredients

It’s always important for dog owners to figure out the ingredient in the dog’s food. Here is some information about each important part of dog food.


Protein is one of the most important ingredients in high-quality dog food. It’s not the only factor, but it’s a vital component. As you know, dogs are carnivores. They need to absorb nutrition from meat sources.
Each dog needs a different amount of protein. Commonly, small dogs, racing, and hunting dogs require high-protein food. Other categories like old dogs, puppies, and lactating dogs also need a high-protein food.

Chicken, beef, and lambs are among the healthy source of protein in various dog foods. Plus, there are also fish and turkey. You need to check the ingredients listed in dog food are from real animals, not meat meal and by-products. Dog foods containing meat meal and by-products could contain a combination of various waste products from the industrial meat processing plants. These ingredients include lung, brain, bone, kidneys, stomach, or intestines.


Dogs also need fats. High-quality dog food should contain two to one ratio of protein to fat. Fats are found in poultry, meat, fish, and plant oils. It helps the dog’s vital body functions, such as body temperature and control inflammation.

Fats also contain the importance of Omega fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. These fatty acids are essential for decreasing inflammation. It’s also preventing blood clotting and skin and coat maintenance.


Carbohydrates are found in plants (vegetables, fruits) and grains (like sweet potatoes). They are also categorized as sugars and fibers. These sources of carbohydrates provide energy. You need to really pay attention to feeding your dog with food containing carbohydrates. Not enough carbs can cause digestive complications, but too many can lead to weight issues.

Vitamins & Minerals

Of course, vitamins and minerals are important for a dog. They are essential for metabolism. And they’re responsible for promoting blood clotting, oxidant protection, and bone growth. Many dog foods contain essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K.

These vitamins are found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. They need fat and water to be absorbed into the body. Minerals provide bone support and muscle contractions.


Other than fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, preservatives are also necessary. They are needed especially in dry dog food. If you’re feeding your dog with dry food, look for natural preservatives. These include ascorbate or tocopherol. Please avoid artificial preservatives containing BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin.

About Victor Dog Food

Victor is a small family-owned company. They produce high-quality dog food. And to make high-quality and affordable food, they use local ingredients as much as they can. These factors make Victor dog food stand out amongst its competitors.

Unlike any other larger dog food companies, Victor dog food has less product variation. Besides, their distribution range is very limited. They only distribute to a few limited pet stores. However, you can find a wide variety of their products in Amazon and Chewy.

Victor dog food promotes their product for dogs of any age, old and young. They have been carefully chosen the ingredients and don’t use animal by-products. Besides, they avoid common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy. It’s to ensure that most dogs can eat their kibble without issue. All Victor products have at least 22% of protein, higher than the 18% AAFCO standards requirement.

All Victor dog food products meet the AAFCO standards for all life stages. It means they don’t carry age-specific and size-specific varieties. They differentiate their formula based on the activity levels. There are 17 different formulas of dry dog food, including grain-free formulas. Plus, there are also five canned varieties of dog food available.

Here’s some of most popular Victor Dog Food:

Classic Professional

VICTOR Classic Professional is dry dog food made of premium quality chicken, beef, and pork meals. It’s their basic kibble with standard nutrient levels: 26% protein, 18% fat, nearly 4% fiber. This basic kibble is excellent for dogs of all life stages, including puppies. The amount of salt is high, but it comes with a good price.

Purpose Performance

Victor’s Purpose Performance is excellent for dogs with high physical demands and sporting dogs. Made of premium-quality chicken, beef, and pork meals, it has 26% of protein and 18% fat. And it has 399 calories, plus a little fiber content.

Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy

This Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy formula is packed with 33% protein. And this product has plenty of omega-rich foods like fish meal, chicken fat, and seaweed meal. These omega fatty acids are essential for eye and brain development.

It’s perfect for your puppies and dogs with allergies or sensitivity to grains. Besides, this product uses lots of garbanzo beans and peas. It should give your puppies all the energy to stay active. No need to worry about weight problems!

About Blue Buffalo

As one of the most well-known brands in the dog food industry, Blue Buffalo created their products for dogs with health issues. Blue Buffalo uses chicken, lamb, or fish as their first ingredients. They claim they don’t use chicken or poultry by-products in any of their dog foods. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are added as sources of vitamins and minerals.

Many of their formulas use potatoes as one of the ingredients. What’s more, their dog food is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Plus, they’re soy-free, wheat-free, and corn-free. Blue Buffalo has LifeSource Bits in all of their dry dog formulas. These are kibbles made of blueberries, alfalfa, parsley, cranberries, and kelp. Plus, there’s a variety of important vitamins and minerals. The kibbles are supposed to support the immune system and help for antioxidants.

The company offers specific formulas for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. There are six product lines with over 80 varieties. Plus, Blue Buffalo provides food varieties according to breed size. It’s one of Blue Buffalo’s advantages. No wonder that it’s also one of the 6 Best Dog Food for American Bulldogs.

If your dogs are picky eaters or have a sensitive stomach, you can choose food sensitive, limited ingredient, or grain-free formulas. You should be very careful when reading the ingredient labels. And we highly recommend researching on how to use the best dog food for a sensitive stomach. Unlike Victor’s Dog Food, Blue Buffalo are available in almost any local grocery store. Besides, they’re also available online. However, Blue Buffalo is more expensive than Victor Dog Food. More about Blue buffalo dog food reviews.

Here’s some of the most popular Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Life Protection Formula Natural Adult

Life Protection Formula Natural Adult is their flagship basic kibble. It contains LifeSource Bits, protein, fat, and fiber. Blue Buffalo uses real chicken as the first ingredient for this product. Besides, there are chicken fat, flaxseed, and chicken meal.

Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Adult

If you have dogs with food allergies, you can try Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Adult. It has a protein level of 20%, which is quite low. And they use potatoes as one of the few ingredients, which many dogs have issues with. On the other hand, this product has omega fatty acids. They come from salmon, salmon meal, and fish oil.

Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free Natural Adult

Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free Natural Adult is one of the favorite Blue Buffalo dog foods. It has 34% of the protein that comes with chicken, fish meal, chicken meal, and eggs too! You can also find granted and pea protein. And this product also has blueberries, cranberries, and kelps from its LifeSource Bits. This product is perfect for dogs without digestive issues.

Victor Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo: Which One to Choose?

Are you finding it more difficult deciding between Victor’s and Blue Buffalo dog food? As you can see, both Victor and Blue Buffalo offer varieties of dog food that meets the AAFCO’s criteria. However, both have subtle differences, which you can see below.


Both brands have similar foods and rely on natural ingredients. Plus, they avoid using cheap and problematic ingredients. Victor’s dry dog food first few ingredients are chicken meal, beef meal, and grain sorghum. While Blue Buffalo dry dog food has a chicken meal, deboned chicken and whole ground brown rice. It makes Victor dog food first ingredients are of better quality than Blue Buffalo.

Yet, Blue Buffalo dog food contains more fruits and vegetables. Blue Buffalo has garlic, green tea extract, potatoes, cranberries, rosemary oils, and blueberries. Meanwhile, Victor doesn’t have these ingredients in the majority of their varieties.


When deciding the winner of Victor dog food vs Blue Buffalo, you need to consider nutrition in their products. Dogs need enough protein as part of their food. Both Victor and Blue Buffalo meet the above 22% of AAFCO’s minimum protein for a nutritious dog food brand. Victor contains an average of 29% of protein, while Blue Buffalo has an average of 25% protein.


Victor offers less variety compare to Blue Buffalo. There are 27 varieties of dry food and 5 canned foods offered by Victor. On the other hand, Blue Buffalo offers much wider products to choose from, over 80 varieties in all.


Victor and Blue Buffalo are premium dog food brands. They cost more than the average dog food in the market. The average price for a 15-pound bag is about 20-30 USD for both brands. Victor dog food costs approximately 50-55 USD for a 40-pound bag, while Blue Buffalo cost 50-55 USD for a 30-pound bag. It reveals that Victor’s dog food is cheaper than Blue Buffalo.


You can only get Victor dog food in a limited few pet stores and online. They’re only available online in Amazon and Chewy. It won’t be the most convenient option if you live far from these particular stores. And you may not want to pay for shipping.

Blue Buffalo products are available in almost anywhere pet food is sold. You can go to the nearest pet shops and simply buy the products.

To help you make your final decision, here’s a comparison table of Victor Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo:

Description Victor Dog Food  Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Protein Source Chicken meal, beef meal, grain sorghum Chicken meal, deboned chicken, whole ground brown rice
Vitamin Source Salmon, sweet potato Garlic, green tea extract, potatoes, cranberries, rosemary oil, blueberries
Nutrition 29% protein 25% protein
Varieties 27 dry foods and 5 canned foods More than 80 kinds
Price 50-55 USD per 40 pound 50-55 USD per 30 pound
Availability Mostly through online purchase and selected pet stores Available in most pet stores


As a dog owner, it’s important to choose the best dog food brand for the health and well-being of your furry friend. As for Victor dog food and Blue Buffalo, both are very highly recommended. They offer excellent ingredients that will nourish your dog. However, you should keep in mind that each dog can have varying nutritional requirements. And it comes down to your dog’s health. So, Victor dog food vs Blue Buffalo, which one you should choose?

We would recommend Victor dog food if you have a healthy, active, and high-energy dog. But if your dog needs special formula because of its age, health condition, or a bit picky eater, Blue Buffalo might be the best for you. They specifically make their products for dogs with health issues.

Victor dog food is less expensive compared to Blue Buffalo. Choosing Victor dog food is a good way to save money. However, they offer less variety and could be more difficult to get. They’re only available near their headquarters and online. Meanwhile, Blue Buffalo has a wide variety. What’s more, you can find their products easily in nearly every pet shop.

Moreover, Victor dog food has superior safety history. They use local ingredients and highly safe manufacturing. On the other hand, Blue Buffalo has several recall histories. These include great melamine recall and canned food recall. So, overall, when it’s come to Victor dog food vs Blue Buffalo, all is going back to your dog’s specific need.

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