Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb Dry Dog Food Review

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With a rising demand for high-quality pet foods, Hound & Gatos has emerged as a brand to watch. This review will take a deep dive into their Grass Fed Lamb dry dog food, ensuring potential consumers have all the facts before making a purchase.

Product Details

Hound & Gatos has ensured that each ingredient tells a story. The main ingredient is deboned lamb followed by egg, sweet potato, and an array of grains and vegetables. This variety promises a well-rounded meal for dogs. Notably, the brand doesn’t use popular plant proteins found in many dog foods today, such as peas and chickpeas. With a weight of 4 pounds and practical packaging dimensions, it’s user-friendly and straightforward for storage. Manufactured by Gott Pet Products, it first hit the shelves on January 31, 2020.

Nutritional Analysis

The spotlight here is the protein source: lamb and eggs. These ingredients not only offer essential amino acids but also contribute to the overall taste. Accompanying these are a wealth of vitamins and minerals to support dog health, ensuring a balanced meal every time.

Ingredient Benefits

Grass-fed lamb is known to be leaner and contains a more beneficial ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids compared to grain-fed lamb. This product is also enriched with superfoods like cranberries and blueberries, known for their antioxidant properties, and broccoli, a nutrient-dense vegetable. Whole grains like spelt and quinoa provide essential carbohydrates and fiber.

Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb Dry Dog Food Review
Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb

Feeding Instructions

For new users, a gradual introduction is recommended. Mix Hound & Gatos food with the current diet, increasing the new food’s proportion daily until it becomes the sole food. Always ensure water is available. Puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs will require more food, sometimes up to four times the regular amount.

Taste and Palatability

While each dog’s palate is unique, the inclusion of high-quality lamb and eggs suggests a taste most dogs would enjoy. Given the natural lamb flavoring, one can anticipate a savoriness that appeals to the carnivorous nature of canines.

Packaging and Price

The packaging is practical and displays key information visibly. While the exact price point wasn’t provided, based on its premium ingredients and USA-made label, it could be placed in the mid to high range compared to similar products.

Pros and Cons Pros:

  • High-quality protein sources
  • Inclusion of superfoods
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain-free with the absence of plant protein fillers


  • Price might be higher than average dog foods (based on speculation)
  • Not suitable for dogs with lamb or egg allergies

Consumer Feedback

While we haven’t compiled direct feedback in this review, prospective buyers are encouraged to check online platforms or pet forums for firsthand user experiences.

FAQs Of Hound and Gatos dog food review

1. Are the Ingredients High Quality?

Yes, the ingredients in Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb dry dog food appear to be of high quality. The use of deboned lamb, whole eggs, and nutrient-rich superfoods such as cranberries and blueberries signifies a commitment to quality. Furthermore, the exclusion of common plant protein fillers and the emphasis on grass-fed lamb adds to the product’s premium appeal.

2. How Safe Are the Ingredients?

The ingredients listed in Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb dry dog food are generally considered safe for canine consumption. As with any pet food, it is essential to follow the feeding instructions and be aware of any specific allergies or sensitivities your dog may have. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have concerns or questions about specific ingredients.

3. Is This Food Suitable for All Dog Breeds and Ages?

The packaging provides specific instructions for puppies and pregnant or lactating females, indicating that it’s designed to cater to various life stages. However, it would be prudent to consult with a veterinarian to ensure that it meets the specific nutritional requirements for your dog’s breed, age, weight, and health condition.

4. Does This Dog Food Contain Any Common Allergens?

The ingredient list includes lamb and eggs, which could be allergens for some dogs. If your dog has known food sensitivities or allergies, it’s essential to review the ingredients with a veterinary professional before introducing this food to your pet’s diet.

5. Where Can I Buy Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb Dry Dog Food?

Since this review doesn’t include specific retail information, it’s advisable to check with local pet stores or online retailers that carry high-quality pet food brands. Hound & Gatos’ official website may also provide information on where to purchase their products.


Hound & Gatos Grass Fed Lamb dry dog food appears to be a product that prioritizes quality and balanced nutrition. Its formula emphasizes natural ingredients without unnecessary fillers. For those seeking a premium dog food option, this certainly seems like a promising candidate.

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