Butcher’s Dog Food: A Quality, Sustainable Choice for Your Pet

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Dog owners always want the best for their pets, especially when it comes to nutrition. In the United Kingdom, one brand has made a significant mark in the market for wet dog food – Butcher’s. With its commitment to high-quality ingredients, sustainability, and exceptional manufacturing practices, Butcher’s has set a new standard for premium pet food products.

Sourcing and Sustainability: Setting the Bar High

One of the standout features of Butcher’s is their dedication to sourcing all meat ingredients from British and Irish farms. This is a unique practice not commonly found among other UK-based dog food brands, setting Butcher’s apart for their commitment to local sourcing.

The brand’s efforts to promote sustainability are also commendable. Recent years have seen Butcher’s make a concerted effort to reduce their environmental impact by removing plastic shrink-wrap from their multi-packs and switching to cardboard. Their steel cans are plastic-free and 100% recyclable, marking another significant step towards sustainability.

Production and Availability: Consistency and Convenience

Butcher’s takes pride in their production process, producing all recipes at their factory in Crick, Northamptonshire. It’s noteworthy that they have been operating from this same facility for over thirty years, a testament to their consistency and commitment to quality.

When it comes to availability, Butcher’s dog food can be easily purchased from numerous pet food stores and supermarkets. Whether you prefer Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Pets At Home, or Waitrose, you can find Butcher’s products conveniently.

butcher's best dog food
butchers dog food

Ingredients: Premium Selection for Optimal Nutrition

The quality of ingredients in Butcher’s dog food is outstanding. The brand uses a moderate range of meat and fish ingredients, including beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, and salmon. These ingredients are industry favourites, chosen for their nutritional value and appeal to pets.

Animal Testing: A Note on Transparency

While it’s important to highlight that we could not find any information on whether Butcher’s participates in animal testing for its products, we believe it’s a pertinent issue. Many smaller pet food brands fear customer backlash and avoid disclosing detailed information about their testing and feeding trials. However, we hope that transparency in this area will become a standard practice, as invasive animal testing is a cruel and outdated practice.

Recalls: An Impressive Track Record

As a testament to their commitment to quality and safety, Butcher’s has an exceptional track record with no recalls in over thirty years of operation. This is incredibly impressive and demonstrates their dedication to producing safe, high-quality dog food.


1. Where does Butcher’s source their meat ingredients? Butcher’s sources all of their meat ingredients from British and Irish farms. This practice sets them apart from many other UK-based dog food brands and ensures a high-quality, locally-sourced product.

2. What sustainable practices does Butcher’s implement? Butcher’s has taken significant steps towards sustainability by removing plastic shrink-wrap from their multi-packs and using cardboard instead. Their steel cans are also plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

3. Where is Butcher’s Dog Food produced? Butcher’s Dog Food is produced in their own factory located in Crick, Northamptonshire, in the United Kingdom. The brand has been producing its recipes at this same facility for over thirty years.

4. Does Butcher’s Dog Food use any animal testing for their products? It’s not clear whether Butcher’s uses animal testing for its products. Many smaller pet food brands avoid disclosing detailed information around their testing and feeding trials due to fear of customer backlash.

5. Has Butcher’s Dog Food ever been recalled? Based on available research, Butcher’s has not been involved in any recalls in over thirty years of operation, demonstrating a strong commitment to safety and quality.

In Conclusion

Butcher’s Dog Food is a brand that stands out in the market, not just for the quality of their products but also for their sustainable practices, commitment to local sourcing, and impressive safety record. For dog owners in the UK looking for a reliable, high-quality wet dog food, Butcher’s offers a sustainable, nutritious, and locally-sourced choice for your beloved pet.

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