How Much Should an 8-Week Old Puppy Eat?

8 week old puppy feeding schedule

Many people believe that an 8-week-old puppy is mature and old. Some of them even believe that they are no longer puppies, which is rather significant. They are no longer a puppy at that age and can be referred to as adult dogs. Their physical shape and diet, in particular, are known to be exceedingly … Read more

Canidae vs Blue Buffalo: Which One is Right for Your Dog?

Canidae vs Blue Buffalo

Giving high-quality dog food is important for your dog’s health. You’ll find plenty of dog food options out there, so it may be difficult to pick the right food. Som when choosing food for your pet, you can consider some factors. These include brand history, ingredient quality, cost, and product safety. Also, many pet parents … Read more

How Do I Help My Dog Who Is Always Hungry?

how do i help my dog who is always hungry

As pet parents, you don’t want to starve your dogs. Also, you want to keep them healthy by feeding them on schedules and keeping the right portion sizes. On the other hand, plenty of dogs seem they’re always hungry and have a voracious appetite. No matter how many times you give them food or how … Read more

What Can I Give To My Dog To Make Her Feel Full?

What Can I Give To My Dog To Make Her Feel Full

There may be far too many occasions where you give up on your pet’s puppy eyes as they ask for more treats. It’s something almost every dog owner has gone through. Or maybe it’s just another morning scratches on the door and someone’s ready for their breakfast. While you’re in your last moments of slumber, … Read more