The 8 Best Dog Food For American Bully in 2020 [Reviews]

Best Dog Food For American Bully

American Bully is a variation of the Pitbull family. Just like every other breed, the canine requires proper diet and training to be presentable to the family and even the society. In today’s discussion, we’ll be looking at some of the best dog food for American bully, which will help maintain healthy growth and development. … Read more

The 8 Best Dog Food For Dogs With Allergies 2020 (Reviews)

best dog food for dogs with allergies

Allergy is a common ailment in both people and animals. To the dogs, the health condition can get any breed and from any background. As such, it’s nice to take good care of your allergic pet before exposing him to additional complications and bring unplanned expenses. One of the ways you can do it is … Read more

The 8 Best Dry Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs 2020

best dry food for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Even when it might not be very serious, your dog can truly give you a headache when she has a sensitive stomach. The disorder will make your pet very uncomfortable and even restless, particularly if she is vomiting or has the runs. When it’s the time to eat, the dog will even turn down her … Read more

My Puppy Has Diarrhea But Seems Fine And Still Playfull

Puppy Has diarrhea but seems fine

MY PUPPY HAS DIARRHEA BUT SEEMS FINE AND STILL PLAYFUL A home with a dog is truly a hub of joy and oneness. The canine forms a deep connection with the family and that’s why he will guard your door and raise alarm when he notices an intruder. With their mutual desire of a playmate, … Read more