The 8 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl For Safe And Healthier Eating Habits

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While it might feel unnecessary at first, choosing the best slow feeder dog bowl can be a worthwhile buy. Of course, not to limit the amount of kibble your pooch use, but to help him eat slowly and safely.

Dogs, without doubt, are notorious feeders, who can gulp down almost everything placed before them. But when it comes to them eating too fast, it can have some repercussions that can lead to undesirable health conditions. And even incur other expenses that weren’t planned for.

Needless to say, some dogs are quite nibblers, in which case you may not see the need for a slow feeder bowl. But, the majority of them are true gobblers, who devour their meal even before the bowl has rested on the floor.

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Although it might seem all normal, perhaps from extreme hunger or when it’s a favorite recipe, speed eating is a poor habit. And it could cause some undesirable side effects instead of satisfying your pet’s craving.

The following are some of these repercussions, or otherwise, the most common side effects that you could avoid with a slow feeder dog bowl.

best slow feeder dog bowl

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Dangers of Dogs Eating Their Food Too Fast

Regurgitation: This is one of the common issues that can occur when your dog consume larger quantities of food too quickly. It involves the consumed food heading back up the esophagus before it had reached the stomach. An occasional regurgitation is not really a concern but at the extreme, it can cause conditions like malnutrition or damage to the esophagus.

Bloat: This is most common when your dog is speed eating and in the process gulp down large amounts of air. It can also occur when the pooch consumes a large amount of meal in a day and the stomach becomes too full.

Gas: the condition can occur when your dog eats too fast and the body is unable to properly digest the food material. Hence, resulting in excessive fermentation [in the colon] and gas formation. During expulsion, this gas can come out as farts, and or bad breath.

Loose Stool: similarly, this can occur when your furry friend speed eats but the body is unable to efficiently process the food. Thus, causing incomplete digestion or excessive fermentation, both of which can have a loose stool as a symptom.

Nutrient Deficiencies: when your dog eats too fast, it becomes quit harder for him to digest the food effectively. Thereby making it impossible for him to absorb most nutrients contained in the particular diet. Moreover, the situation can happen when your pet experiences frequent regurgitation.

Weight Problems: this one can occur in two ways, whereby it can cause unhealthy weight loss or gain. For the weight loss, the effect will take place when your pooch experiences repeated regurgitation and trouble swallowing the disgorged food.

A weight gain, on the other hand, can happen when your dog eats too fast and possibly overeats. But instead of regurgitating, the food reaches the stomach yet the pet is unable to use all the calories effectively. Hence, storing some as fat- which then increases the risk of overweight and obese.

Also, too fast eating can expose your dog to a greater risk of choking, which certainly is life-threatening. Henceforth, might call for an emergency visit to the vet, or else cause death.

The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Rapid Eaters

Technically, there are various tricks that you can use to slow the eating habit of your dog and ensure healthier digestion. Some of these techniques include the use of foraging mats, puzzle toys, treat balls, and our subject- slow feeding bowls.

Unlike the usual hollow dish, a slow feed bowl encourages your dog to be creative and use the tongue to pick the food. Thereby allowing him to grab a small portion of the meal at a time.

The feed bowls, however, come in different shapes, styles, and sizes, meaning they serve the purpose in unique ways.
Here are some of the finest selections that we have plowed through the internet to help you in making a solid decision.

Outward Hound Fun slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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The dog bowl is one of the bestsellers online due to its high-quality design and reasonable pricing. It consists of solid construction with food-safe materials that are free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC, and phthalate. Thus, can’t trigger any kind of insensitivity or promote carcinogenesis in any way.

The bowl is available in several unique designs, colors, and sizes so that it can serve your distinguished desires perfectly and satisfactorily. It’s vet-approved and features multiple ridges plus valleys to allow your dog feed at up to 10x slower.

Summary Features:

  • It’s vet-approved and safe from harmful chemicals
  • Available in various sizes to better suit your dog
  • Lowers your dog’s eating habit up to ten times
  • Allows you to choose from a variety of colors and pattern design
  • Enables your dog to eat comfortably without the bowl sliding
  • Has a strong build for prolonged use
  • The dog dish has a friendly price

Super Design Anti-Gulping Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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This is a great alternative dog food bowl to slow down eating and minimize the chances of bloating and regurgitation. It features a lovely design, with three feed-slowing humps positioned at the center.

The dog feed bowl is made of food-grade melamine material, which is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC, and phthalate. It’s available in various buying options, including up to six different colors to meet your unique taste of style. And four different capacities to better match with your dog size.

Unlike the plastic models, the bowl is a little heavier, plus it has a ring-shaped rubber base. Hence, harder for your smart dog to tip over or skid on the floor when eating.

Summary Features:

  • It’s a food-grade feeding bowl, free of harmful chemicals
  • Highly resistant to scratching corrosion
  • Allows your pet to eat comfortably without skidding or turning over the bowl
  • Slows fast eaters at up to five times
  • Available in multiple buying options
  • It’s sturdy and easy to clean [dishwasher]
  • Can be used with both dry kibble and wet food
  • The dog bowl has an improvised curved handle for easier pick-up

What we don’t like:

Like any other ceramic object, this bowl is susceptible to breakage when dropped.

Dogit Go Anti-Gulping Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

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Just as the name, this feeding dish helps your dog adapt to slower feeding, thereby minimizing risks like chocking and bloating. It consists of thick sturdy plastic material, with one feed-slowing hump at the center and the other four attached on the sides.

The dog bowl is surely food grade, free of all harmful chemicals that can cause symptoms of insensitivities and poisoning. Its unique design allows you to efficiently use with kibble, as well as canned food. You can even convert to a drinking pot, whereby it can hold 4.7 – 40.5 ounces of water.

The slow feeder pet bowl is so easy to clean and you could use it with a dishwasher. It does have a curved handle for easier pickup from the ground.

Summary Features:

  • It’s food safe and free of toxic chemicals like BPA and PVC
  • Available in various colors to suit your special taste of style
  • Comprises a solid body for durability
  • Available in four different capacities to perfectly serve your dog size
  • You can use with both dry kibble and wet dog food
  • Has a rubberized ring-like base to prevent sliding when feeding
  • The dog bowl is very affordable

What we don’t like:

Although its material is a type of plastic, it does break easily when dropped on a hard surface.

Siensync Puzzle Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Overall, this is the best slow feeder dog bowl to serve your love for art while at the same time meeting your pet’s needs. It consists of high-strength ABS materials, with a lovely flower design that comprises a maze of ridges and valleys.

The feeding bowl is remarkably fun to eat from and it’s 100% food safe. You won’t need to worry about food poisoning, carcinogenesis, or sensitive stomach symptoms. It can be used with any type of dog food but shows the best results when using the kibble.

Thanks to the attached non-skid rubber feet, the dog bowl allows your dog to eat comfortably without unnecessary movements. It’s very easy to clean [including dishwasher] and you can use it with any dog.

Summary Features:

  • It’s high quality and very effective in slowing down rapid eating pets
  • Comes with a unique floral pattern in either blue or red
  • Free of harmful BPA, PVC, and phthalate elements
  • Allows your dog to eat comfortably without skidding
  • Doesn’t scratch the floor, courtesy of the rubberized feet
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Very durable and budget-friendly

What we don’t like:

The dog bowl comes with only one size, which has a capacity of around one and a half cups. How we wish it had a larger option.

Durapet Premium Stainless Steel Slow Feeder dog bowl

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Although rustic, this can also be a great dog food bowl to slow down eating habits of your pet and for a longer time. It consists of solid stainless steel, which is highly durable and resistant to scratches. The dog pot is very safe for your dog, non-toxic, and doesn’t hold odor.

Its design looks like the regular bowl but with a hump at the center to slow down rapid eating. The system is relatively versatile as you can use with both dry kibble and wet food, as well as water. It’s available in three different sizes, including small, medium, and large, with the latter holding up to 8 cups of dry food.

Summary Features:

  • It’s highly durable and effective in promoting healthy eating
  • Totally non-porous and food safe
  • Very easy to clean and use
  • Available in multiple buying options
  • Scratch-resistant and unbreakable
  • You can use for food, as well as water
  • It features a patented skid-proof base to prevent sliding during feeding time

What we don’t like:

Although the bowl slows down rapid eaters, it’s not very effective for small breed dogs.

Dogit Go Black Anti-Gulping Dog Dish

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If you love it modest and cool, this piece can make a spectacular addition to your home. It comes in black color, with a thick plastic construction that is strong and surely durable when handled with care.

The dog bowl is entirely food-safe, free of all those toxic elements that would trigger symptoms of food poisoning and other allergic reactions. It’s available in four different sizes, which gives you the option to pick the right one for your dog.

Whether it’s the dry or wet meal, this feeding bowl can hold either without compromises. It’s nonporous, thus you can even use it to give your dog water. And the base has a ring-like rubber attached to prevent sliding during the feeding time.

Summary Features:

  • It’s food grade and highly efficient in feeding-slow rapid eaters
  • Suitable for all types of dog food and water
  • Comes in various capacities to better fit your dog size
  • Very easy to clean, including in a dishwasher
  • Has a curved handled to enable easier pick-up
  • Allows your pet to eat comfortably without sliding on the wooden, tiled, or laminate flooring
  • It’s very budget-friendly

What we don’t like:

Although it’s made of a type of plastic, the bowl can break very easily when dropped on a hard surface.

PetFusion Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowls

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This is another stainless steel slow feed dog bowl alternative that could help prevent the risk of boating and other speed eating issues. It comprises an elevated stand with multiple feeding bowls that you can hold either dry or wet dog food efficiently. You could as well use for water without worrying about corrosion or rusting.

The dog bowl comes with four feet that have rubber silicone inserts to prevent sliding and clanging during feeding time. It’s available in two buying options, whereby you can choose between short and tall models depending on your dog’s height.

The feeding system is so simple to clean as you can remove the bowls from the stand and toss them in the dishwasher.

Summary Features:

  • It’s wholly food grade to make sure, free of BPA, PVC, phthalate, and other toxics
  • Works well for dry and wet dog food, as well as water
  • Comes with a metallic gray finish that blends perfectly with your kitchen décor
  • Available in multiple options
  • Allows your dog to eat restfully without unnecessary movements
  • Doesn’t scratch the flooring
  • It features rugged construction that is very durable

Outward Hound Purple Flower Fun Feeder Dog Bowl

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Though the last on our list, this piece is the overall bestselling product, featuring over 16,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It consists of a lovely floral puzzle design that can slow down your speed eating pooches at up to ten times.

The dog bowl is vet-approved, effective, and safe for food. It’s free of BPA, phthalate, and other toxic compounds that could threaten your dog’s wellbeing. And it’s available in multiple capacities to help ensure you can get a perfect match for your dog.

The bowl is nonporous and has a non-slip bottom to minimize instances of skidding when your pet is feeding.

Summary Features:

  • It makes your dog’s feeding fun and healthier
  • Safe and doesn’t react with food oils
  • Features a colorful and unique design
  • Comes in various buying options
  • Allows your dog to eat comfortably with minimal/ no movements
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It’s durable and budget-friendly

What we don’t like:

While it’s dishwasher safe, this dog bowl may be boring to clean due to its maze of ridges and valleys.

How To Pick The Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls For Your Pet

Though there are other numerous options, these are some of the bestselling slow feed bowls that we came across. Each of them comes with its unique design and patterns, which means they all slow down your dog’s eating habits in different ways.

Some of the crucial aspects you should consider if you want to get the most of your buy include:

Manufacturing material

This is the number one aspect that you should consider when looking for the best slow feeder dog bowl to purchase. Not all materials are safe for consumption as some do react with food oil, which then jeopardizes their effectiveness.

When browsing through various materials, true stainless steel is usually the best option as it doesn’t react with food. Furthermore, the material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, thereby promising extended longevity in the long run.

In case you don’t find stainless steel, melamine, ABS, and plastic can be a better option as long they don’t have any contaminants. Some of the toxic compounds you should avoid include lead, Bisphenol A [BPA], Bisphenol S [BPS], phthalate, and PVC.

Design of the bowl

The overall makeup can also be very crucial when choosing a slow feeding bowl for your dog. As you can see from the above reviews, the products come in various styles and track patterns. So, you will need to be very careful when choosing-especially considering the intelligence of your dog. Otherwise, choosing a more complex one will make your pet frustrated and refuse to eat. Or if he’s too smart and the dish is not challenging enough, it defeats the core purpose.

Still, a bowl with a rubberized base may come in handy as well. It can allow your dog to eat comfortably without unnecessary movements on the floor and also it won’t scratch the flooring.

Size and Capacity of the bowl

For this one, it helps ensure you choose the right fit for your dog’s snout and as per his diet requirements. If the bowl is too small, it might be easier to turn over and mess up the floor with food. Moreover, a small capacity may fail to meet the requirements of your dog, leading to issues like malnutrition and nutrients deficiency.

On the other hand, a too large slow feeding bowl may defeat the purpose by not challenging your small dog enough.


What is the best slow feeder dog bowl?

There are various types, designs, and sizes of a slow feeder dog bowl. Therefore, this question is inarguably vague as it relies on personal preference and what can work for your dog. In extreme cases, though, the Outward Hound makers have some of the best selections and in various designs.

Our slow feeder bowls good for dogs?

Absolutely, yes. They can help slow down rapid eaters, thereby preventing side effects like bloating, regurgitation, gas, weight problems, and nutrient deficiencies.

How can I get my dog to slow down when eating fast?

As we have just said, speed eating is not healthy and safe for your dog. Fortunately, though, it’s a habit that can be controlled and stopped. Some of the most effective solutions include using slow feed bowls, foraging mat, puzzle toys, and treat balls. Tossing the dry food on a clean floor can also increase the time your pooch picks each piece of kibble.

How do slow feed dog bowls work?

This is a straightforward one. The bowl has either maze of ridges and valleys or feeding-slow humps that break up the interior surface area. These barriers, then, make it impossible for the pet to inhale the poured food in one or two gulps.

Are there any disadvantages of using a slow feeder?

Nope. Other than your dog trying to throw it in the bin, there no gripes of using a slow feeder dog bowl.

Can you put wet food in a slow feeder bowl?

Technically, that depends on the size and style of your system. With some, you can only use with kibble, other both dry and wet food. Some models like the Dogit Go Black Dog Dish can even be used for water.

Final Verdict

Although it may sound funny, it’s good to let your pet just play with his food and the bowl. Not only does it let him enjoy, but also slow him down enough to allow his body properly digest.

From the article, we have shared various products that can guide you to the best slow feeder dog bowl of your choice. We duly hope you have found the article informative and with a perfect solution to your current situation.

One final thought, make sure you wash your dog’s feeding bowls regularly and thoroughly. It can help prolong their life and also prevent new food from going rancid.

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