Beneful vs Purina One Detailed Comparison

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Meta: Beneful vs Purina One, which one is better? This article will break down all the details you need to know about these two brands. We’ll talk about the nutritional value and the history of the brands, and the track records. Let’s see how these two popular products compare!

We understand that picking the right pet food can be tricky for dog owners. It seems simple, but it’s not easy! It can be overwhelming to choose with hundreds of products on the market. Even worse, many brands claim they’re the best and the number one brand on the market. What you need is a high-quality product at the right price. Meaning, it’s packed with all the essential nutrients, yet it’s also affordable. Now, we’re talking about Beneful vs Purina One. These are some of the best-selling products on the market today. Many people are confused when deciding which one to buy between these two top-rated brands.

Beneful and Purina One are actually two sub-brands of the same parent company. These brands are products of Purina. While we usually compare two totally different brands, now we compare other brands from the same company. It will be harder to reach since the quality standard is about the same. The price and the ingredients are also similar. However, both are reputable brands in the pet food world. And for that, we’ll dig deeper and actually see which one stands out the most. You’ll find out which product is actually better for your furry friend and is sustainable for the long run. Let’s check out the story behind the brand and the comparison table below!

About Beneful and Purina One

Beneful‘s mission is to create nutritious pet food so that your dog can live a healthy and active life. When your four-legged buddy is happy, you’re also excited! Beneful’s team works extra hard every day to make sure they only produce the highest-quality food with the best ingredients and the most delicious taste. What’s the point of high-quality products if they taste horrible, right? Your dog will hate it, and there’s no use in that. Beneful offers high standards for quality, taste, and balanced nutrition. Beneful’s products are made of real meat as the main ingredient. Also, they don’t add artificial flavors, and there’s no artificial sweetener in the products. Everything is formulated for a healthy and happy puppy. This brand was first introduced in 2001 and has been a best-seller. Since we’re comparing Beneful vs Purina One, what about Purina One? Is it a better alternative than Beneful?

Purina One focuses on natural dog foods backed with research. A team of experts is working day and night to ensure the healthiest food for your furry friends. They only make products with ingredients that are found in nature. They believe that your dog deserves the best. And for that, their food should be all-natural and tasty at the same time. Beneful or Purina One? What’s the difference? Purina One targets the premium pet food market while Beneful caters to budget-conscious consumers. Purina One was established in 1986, and it was the first premium sub-brand from the parent company, Nestle Purina PetCare. This brand offers all variants, including wet food, dry food, and treats. They only use real meat as the main ingredient. The blend includes vegetables, fruits, whole-grain, and beans for more nutrients. The products are also fortified with vitamins and minerals to make them more nutrient-dense. You can see how this product is compared to other Purina products on Purina Pro Plan vs Purina One. For now, let’s check out the table below to see the complete comparison between these two brands.

Beneful and Purina One Comparison Table

 BenefulPurina One
Protein sourceChicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey, venisonTurkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, beef
Carbs sourceWhole-grain corn, barley, whole-grain wheat, rice, oatmealRice flour, whole-grain corn, oatmeal, whole grain wheat
Vegetables and fruitsCarrots, applesCarrots
FiberDried green beansDried peas, soybean
Fatty acidsOmega-6Omega-6
Exclusive ingredient
Grain-freeGrain Free lineClassic Ground Grain-Free Formula line
VarietyDry food, wet food, treats. 13 lines with 16 special diets.Dry food, wet food, treat. 2 lines with 7 special needs.
Recall history2016, Incorrect vitamins and minerals label2013, Salmonella contamination  
PriceStarts from around $1.50 per poundStarts from around $1.68 per pound

Beneful and Purina One: which one is better?

Since they come from the same parent company, Beneful and Purina One are head to head regarding quality. Of course, the difference is insignificant. However, that’s what makes pet owners confused when comparing these two brands. They lack information to decide which product their dogs actually need. After seeing the comparison table above, you must have a clear idea of which product you’re going to buy. Even though Beneful and Purina One come from the same brand, they offer different product lines that cater to different needs. For further explanation, continue reading the categories below to see which one is worth buying.

Protein Source

As you may already know, protein is the most essential macronutrient your dog needs. Without protein, your four-legged buddy can’t grow bigger and stronger. Between Beneful and Purina One, which one offers better protein content? The answer is, they’re about the same. Beneful provides variety, such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey, venison. And Purina One also has some options: turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, and beef. So when it comes to protein sources, these two brands are comparable. The protein quality is also the same since both brands offer real meat and don’t add any preservatives or fillers.

Carbs Source

Carbs are just as important as protein when it comes to nutrition. Without carbs, your dog can’t run freely and be active since it’s the primary source of energy. Beneful or Purina One? Which one should you get with a better carbs source? We’ll also say that they’re head to head in this category. Beneful offers whole-grain corn, barley, whole-grain wheat, rice, and oatmeal as carbs sources. While Purina One has rice flour, whole-grain corn, oatmeal, and whole-grain wheat. Both offer high-quality complex carbs sources, which means they’re better for your dog. Also, don’t forget to check your dog’s particular needs. If they’re gluten-intolerant, make sure to get grain-free dog food.

Product Variety

There’s one clear winner for product variety between Beneful vs Purina One. Baneful offers 13 product lines with 16 special diets that cater to different needs with unique recipes. With that said, you definitely have more options to choose from when you buy Beneful’s products. Even though Purina One only has 2 product lines, this brand offers 7 special needs. The special needs include weight management, hairball control, indoor, sensitive system, joint health, urinary tract health, cognitive health support. Your dog can get the right food according to their health requirements with all of these options.


Beneful and Purina One offer a competitive price for the value you get. Starting from around $1.50 per pound, baneful is slightly less expensive than Purina One, which starts from approximately $1.68 per pound. So when you compare the price, there’s no significant difference. This means you can pick any product from Beneful and Purina One, and it will be worth the price you pay. For the best price, we highly recommend buying these products on Amazon.

Recall History

Purina is one of those pet store manufacturers that truly commit to quality. Whether you choose Beneful or Purina One, both have good track records. Beneful only had 1 recall history in 2016 for incorrect vitamins and minerals labels. While Purina One had one recall in 2013 for Salmonella contamination. Salmonella contamination is definitely a serious problem compared to mislabelling in Beneful. However, they quickly fixed the problem and never have had any more issues ever since.

Who’s the winner?

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The bottom line is, both are worth buying. There’s no clear winner when you compare Beneful vs Purina One. Since they come from the same parent company and offer a comparable price tag, these brands are head to head. If you’re more concerned about your dog’s health requirements, go with Purina One since this brand caters to more special needs. But if you want to have more options, get Beneful since their products offer more variety. That way, you can mix and match according to your dog’s preference.

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