The Best 5 Week Old Puppy Feeding Schedule for All Breeds

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A good pet owner must know the best 5 week old puppy feeding schedule that meets their nutritional needs. Puppies at that age are still getting used to their surroundings as well as their food. Typically, they are still weaning from their mother. Still, some of them have finally decided not to be dependent on it. It’s essential to keep an eye on your puppy to see when he’s ready to eat more food and when they’re not. Examine their behavior and eating habits closely, as these may be the primary indicators. If you believe your puppy is ready to eat more food, you can begin creating an eating schedule for them. Setting a perfect eating schedule may be difficult for new pet owners, especially if they are not entirely free at home all of the time.

Suppose you are a worker or a student. In that case, you must closely monitor your puppy’s eating schedule to avoid overfeeding and underfeeding. You should also keep a close eye on how much food you give them each time you feed them, as well as what the food is. Some breeds require specific requirements; it is critical to keep track of your puppy’s breed and eating habits. Now we’ll look at how to feed a 5 week old puppy in a way that works for both your schedule and the puppy’s needs. If your puppy is a German Shepherd, we recommend reading our guide on how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy.

5 week old puppy feeding schedule

A 5 week old puppy needs a unique feeding program. Why? Because they are impotent to the puppy’s health and stability. Overfeeding a puppy can result in an unhealthy state, as can underfeeding. This is why they require more care and attention when creating schedules. According to expert breeders, a 5 week old puppy should not eat more than five times a day. However, it is crucial to consider their weight and any medical issues that require them to eat more. You can feed your puppy as much as is recommended and observe their reaction. If you’re thinking about giving them human food, read our guide here. If they request extra food, they might have a medical condition that causes them to do so. Take a look at this example of a proper eating schedule:

6:00 AM7:00 AM8:00 AM5:00 AM6:30 AM7:30 AM9:00 AM
12:00 PM10:00 AM11:00 AM9:00 AM10:00 AM11:30 AM12:00 PM
15:00 PM14:00 PM14:00 AM13:00 AM13:30 PM14:00 PM15:00 PM
18:00 PM17:00 PM18:00 AM16:00 AM16:00 PM16:30 PM18:00 PM

As you might notice that there’s a gap for each feeding period. According to a professional breeder, 5 week old puppy needs at least 3 – 5 hours between feeding time since most of their time is spent sleeping. This timetable is just an example of how to feed a 5 week old puppy regularly. If you want to use this feeding schedule for 5 week old puppies, you can customize it based on your preferences. If you are a student or a worker, you can schedule when you will feed your puppies with your schedule.

5 Week Old Puppy Feeding Schedule

It’s important to know that if you arrange your feeding schedule for a 5 week old puppy to be very frequent, they may poop a lot. Ensure each feeding procedure is completed correctly because, without a good pick of their food, it can cause harm to the puppy and be deadly. Now we can look at how to properly feed your 5 week old puppy that meets its nutrition requirements.

How to feed a 5 week old puppy

It’s essential to keep an eye on what they’re eating first. A 5 week old puppy is known to have unformulated teeth because they are most likely still weaning. Unformulated teeth make it very important what your puppy should eat, which means they can’t eat foods that are too hard to chew or too soft to chew. You must choose the best food for your puppy based on their teeth growth so that they become accustomed to eating everyday foods. According to breeding experts, puppies that are 5 weeks old are not supposed to eat hard kibble, because they are too difficult to adapt to. Instead, they recommend modifying the puppy’s food slightly.

Feed a 5 week old puppy with a proper food

At the pet store, you can purchase puppy-formulated kibble and canned dog food that they suggest. Start with one tablespoon of soft canned dog food when you’re ready to start feeding your puppy. Keep an eye on their behavior because each puppy will react differently when fed a new food. If they decide to leave the meal, they are not ready for dog foods, and you may continue feeding them by weaning them from their mother. However, if they consume canned dog food, keep track of how much they eat because this is important on your feeding schedule for 5 week old puppies. Certain breed needs different types of meal to build their muscles. Read on what to feed a Pitbull puppy to get big muscles here.

Continue to make your puppy consume canned dog food. It doesn’t have to be their sole source of nutrition, but you may alternate between wean and dog food regularly. After your puppy is comfortable eating canned dog food, how to feed a 5 week old puppy solid food? Experts recommend making a moistened kibble that will fit the feeding schedule for 5 week old puppies. Moistened kibble is a type of dog food that you may prepare at home by combining warm water or fresh milk with hard dog food pellets. Here’s how you do it:

Here’s how to make a moist kibble for your 5 week old puppy feeding schedule:

  1. Put the amount of kibble that your puppy is comfortable eating in a bowl.
  2. Pour one or two tablespoons into that bowl with pure warm water (it’s important to keep it warm and not hot) or with a fresh goat or cow milk.
  3. Mix your kibble evenly so that it will turn a bit like porridge.

Replace canned dog food with the moistened kibble for the puppy. Take note of how they react to it. Some pups are slow to adjust to new foods, but that’s alright since you can always go back to canned food. If your puppy appears to be enjoying their meal, continue to offer them the wet kibble at the appropriate feeding time. It’s also important to remember that some components in dog food are not suitable for 5 week old puppies, such as bones, corn, and rendered fat. Be sure to keep checking on the ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Feeding 5 Week Old Puppies

Now that you get the hang of how often and what to feed your puppies, let’s take a look at some of the most asked questions below:

Does 5 week old puppy still need milk?

They do, indeed. Many puppies at that age are still weaning from their mothers and gradually adapting to consuming solid food. This may take some times, so don’t be surprised if your puppy continues to refuse to eat ordinary dog food. Suppose your puppies have been separated from their mothers. In that case, you can find substitute liquid meals that contain similar nutrients to what their mothers could provide them.

What should 5 week old puppies be eating?

A five-week-old puppy can start eating soft canned food or wet kibble that has been moistened with warm water or fresh milk (read how much water should a puppy drink here.) This food can help the puppy become accustomed to eating harder foods and can help shape their teeth. But if they don’t mind eating non-moistened kibble, it’s entirely okay. That said, we recommend buying products that are made especially for puppies.

How much solid food should a 5 week puppy eat?

They can eat solid foods three to five times each day following 5 week old puppy feeding schedule. Simply feeding them regularly at specified times allows their digestive system to properly absorb nutrients. Keep in mind that some breeds, such as beagles, tend to not stop eating even if they are full. So, please keep an eye on their portion. Using a dispenser feeder is not recommended for puppies this young.

How long can a 5 week old puppy be left alone?

It is not good for them to be left alone at such a young age. Besides being dangerous as they are not being watched, they may also build up separation anxiety. Puppies still require regular attention from either their mother or the owner. However, suppose they must be left alone for a while. In that case, they can only stay alone for a maximum of four hours without getting anxious. Do it gradually from a few minutes to an hour before leaving them entirely alone for hours.


Finding how to feed a 5 week old puppy properly can be difficult, especially if you have a young pet at home. A 5 week old puppy also need close attention from both the mother and the pet owner. It may take some time to get them to eat properly, and this is critical to remember. The idea is to devise the best routine for our puppies to work with our busy schedules. Maintaining a 5 week old puppy feeding schedule is critical to keeping them healthy and active. The pet owner needs to understand what food the puppy can and cannot take to do this correctly.

They must also be aware of when to feed their puppies and the time difference. An improper diet can have a toxic effect on the puppy and can be fatal. But if you accomplish all of the things correctly, maintaining a feeding schedule for 5 week old puppies will be a breeze.

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