The 5 Best 40 lb Dog Food Container to Store Kibble

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While there are other sizes, a 40 lb dog food container is a perfect choice if you usually order a 30 or 35-pound bag of kibble. The larger storage is spacious enough to fit the whole dog food bag efficiently and effectively.

Of course, you can still pour the kibble or treats into the container as many do it. But when you store the food in the container while still in its packaging, you have an advantage of double protection. This is so as this bag tends to have special features to support the listed shelf life of the food.

When using an airtight container, therefore, the held dog food benefits from the “special features” of its bag and those of the storage space. Hence, ensuring there are zero chances of the oils reacting with the can’s material, especially if using a plastic design. Which then prevents any possible symptoms of food poisoning or an upset stomach.

With that, let’s jump in and look at the various top choices that should help you choose a perfect 40 lb dog food container.

Table 1: A Quick Comparison on 5 Best 40lb Dog Food Containers vs Customers Ratings

The following comprises a summary of the bestselling 40-pound dog food storage containers respective to their customers’ ratings. The ratings are the current overall reviews on Amazon calculated out of 100%.

Brand Name Material Key Features Customers Rating//100 Remarks
IRIS USA Plastic Clear walls, Food-grade, Slim Profile & Mobility Casters 92 Check Reviews
IRIS Remington Plastic Clear walls, tapered design, BPA-free & mobility wheels 92 Check Reviews
SimpleHuman Stainless Steel Modish, Food-safe, airtight & free-wheeling casters 94 Check Reviews
Gamma2 Vittles Plastic Heavy-duty, Food-grade, stackable & Molded handles 92 Check Reviews
IRIS USA Plastic Clear walls, BPA-free, tapered design & rolling casters 92 Check Reviews

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1. IRIS USA 40 Lb Food Storage Container

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Of all the products on the list, this piece is the overall bestseller with more than 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon. This comes from not just its friendly budget, but the various amazing features it offers.

The 40 lb dog food container features a solid plastic design and a slim profile that can fit excellently into tight spaces. Its material is food-grade, free of harmful elements like BPA. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to pour your dry dog food to the inside directly.

The storage can have translucent walls that allow you to easily track the level of the left kibble at a glance. And it has a lid with a snap-lock system that offers effortless opening and closing.

Still, the lid has airtight seals on the inside to help ensure the harmful moisture and bugs don’t touch the food. Thus, keeping it fresh and free of contamination by disease-causing germs.


  • It’s well-constructed and affordable
  • BPA and Acid-free
  • You can use to store [almost] anything
  • Allows you to easily identify what’s inside
  • Has four free-rolling wheels that make it easy to move
  • It’s tall and slender, which makes it easy to fit in small pantry spaces


  • The plastic wheels break easily
  • Locking latch is also quite feeble
  • Comes with a gross smell. Hence, you’ll need to thoroughly clean before use.

2. IRIS USA Remington Dog Food Container

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This is a great alternative if you have poor skills when it comes to managing your dogs’ feed. It comprises a plastic construction, with clear walls to allow checking the type of food and the available amount. The material used is a food-safe resin that contains no toxic compounds to compromise your dog’s health.

So, there’s nothing to be afraid of in case you want to store the food without the packaging. But if you want to, the dog food storage container has a tapered design that enables you to insert the whole bag without stress.

Like many from the brand, this storage can has a lid with a snap-lock latch and airtight seals. The latch is easy to operate and it secures the container positively without any chance of the salmon diet smell lingering on your potatoes. And as a bonus, the bottom has free-wheeling casters to facilitate easy movements from the kitchen to the feeding area.


  • It features a denser and durable construction
  • Has a wide top to facilitate easy scooping and cleaning
  • 100% Made in the USA and Food safe
  • Great in tracking your dog food level
  • Comfortable to move around without tiring your muscles
  • It has a friendly budget


  • Not the best option if you need 100% airtight space
  • The wheels are quite flimsy

3. SimpleHuman X-Large Dog Food Storage Can

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For your distinguished taste of style, this system can surely give you a good company. It has a lovely decent design that consists of a polished stainless steel exterior that blends with your kitchenware without compromise.

The lid of the 40 lb dog food container is also stainless steel and has hinges to keep it attached upon opening. More on that, the inner part of the lid has a measuring scoop neatly attached to it. In which case it’ll always be available whenever you need to feed your Toy Maltese or Golden Retriever.

Speaking of feeding, this storage system holds the food in a separate inner plastic bucket. The bucket is food-safe and you can remove it from the main container when cleaning.

Another thing, the container has a hard molded base, with two small wheels attached across the rear width. As such, it’s hassle-free to move the content from the kitchen to the patio or any other area.


  • It has a rugged and long-lasting build
  • 100% food safe and BPA free
  • Has a finger-proof body
  • Doesn’t change the food flavor
  • Easy to move around
  • Features an ergonomic handle and a secure snap-lock latch
  • It helps maintain freshness while simultaneously complementing your home décor


  • It’s relatively expensive than others on the list
  • The lid hinges are plastic. Hence, can break off if not careful.

4. Gamma2 Vittles Vault 40 lb Dog Food Storage Container

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Similar to its name, this dog food storage locks in your dry dog food securely, ensuring no moisture can enter. It has a high density and durable polyethylene construction that won’t shatter if dropped or get destroyed by harsh weather conditions.

The material is free of toxins like BPA, which means you can pour in your dog’s kibble without worries. It won’t cause any symptoms of food poisoning, sensitive stomach, or even change the original flavor of the kibble.

In case you have multiple animals in your property, the container has an excellent stackable design. The lid part is on the front face, which means you may not need to unstack during the feeding time. And unlike most, this lid functions by spinning on/ off.

Hence, protecting the food from harsh external conditions while still preventing the mischievous pup from self-feeding in your absence.

Sadly, the dog food container doesn’t have mobility wheels, but there are molded handles to offer a better holding grip.


  • It features FDA approved food-safe build
  • Easy to open or close the lid
  • Excellent in maximizing a limited space
  • Comes with a scoop for efficient serving
  • Seal out smell excellently
  • Has a heavy-duty duty design
  • It’s not too tall. Hence, can fit well in the pantry


  • It comes with a burning plastic stench. So, you have to air it out before use.
  • It’s quite tricky to scoop out the last few cups of food

5. IRIS USA Almond Dog Food Storage Container

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This is yet another selection from IRIS makers and which you can as well consider storing your dog food. It’s made of food-grade plastic to make possible holding the dry kibble directly in case the whole package fails to fit.

The storage can have a tapered style, with a wide top to allow easy scooping and cleaning. This top part closes with a plastic lid that has an airtight seal and snap-lock latch that you can easily operate on one hand.

The airtight seal, though, comprises a soft foam, which, of course, helps lock in the smell of the kibble. But still, it’s not as efficient as with the rubber-made seals. The dog food storage container, however, has four free-wheeling casters at the bottom. Thus, you can move around the house effortlessly and without tiring your hands.


  • It’s food-grade, free of BPA compounds
  • You can easily track the level of the left dry dog food
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Effortless to clean or insert a 30-pound dog food package
  • Can be used for many applications around home
  • Simple to move from point to point
  • It’s budget-friendly.


  • Not the best option if you need super-airtight space
  • Has poor hinge design


What is the best container to store dog food?

Various storage containers tend to have different designs, features, and construction material. Therefore, the best one primarily relies on aspects like what you need to store, budget, and individual preference.

If you want to store your kibble and its package, for example, a container like the IRIS USA Remington can be a nice pick due to its tapered design. But if your taste is on aesthetic and decent making, then you can consider something like the SimpleHuman X-Large.

How long does dry dog food last in a container?

From the date of manufacture, unopened dry dog food can stay fresh for 12-18 months. The wet/ canned food, on the other hand, can go up to two years if the lid remains closed and stored at a favorable temperature.

Once you open the food, however, air and moisture enter and alters the decomposition process. The contained fats start to break down, lowering shelf life to a couple of weeks. Hence, the reason you should get an airtight storage system to lessen the exposure of the food to the harsh conditions.

Is it OK to store dog food in a plastic container?

As mentioned, dog food storage containers are available in various types and materials. You can find some in glass material and other stainless steel or plastic. The latter is the most common type due to its low price-point and sturdiness.

When choosing a plastic container to store any consumables, you have to ensure it is food-grade and airtight. This way, it will help ensure the oils in kibble don’t react with the material as it can trigger symptoms of food poisoning such as diarrhea.

What is the best way to store dry dog food?

To support the healthy lifestyle of your dog, always keep his kibble or treats in a cool, dry place, and out of sunlight. This will help assure the diet retains its original texture and flavor, plus prevent the oils from decomposing quickly. For the best results and maximum protection, though, you should put the kibble in the container while still in its package.

Final Verdict:

Your dog eating healthy not only involves balanced and nutritious diets but also a fresh meal. The trick prevents symptoms of an upset stomach such as diarrhea and vomiting, as well as lower the risk of life-threatening disorders.

Therefore, a food storage container is a crucial system for every home, whether it’s at an apartment or the rural cottages. It helps extend the shelf-life of the opened kibble and ensure your pet feed on fresh recipes. Then, in the long run, you even get to save on the cost that you would have spent on replacing the rancid diet.

In the article, we have reviewed various products that should guide you to the best 40 lb dog food container for your needs. The items consist of the top bestsellers, which we have prepared after hours of research on various sources and customer feedback. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any worries or doubts as you load your cart.

To conclude, though, we highly recommend you wash out your storage container between refills. This will help clean the oils from the previous bag and prevent them from contaminating the fresh food.

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