Iams VS Blue Buffalo: What is the Different Between Them?

Iams VS Blue Buffalo

True, you want to give your dog nutrition that will keep him healthy and happy for life. In this article, we’re going to compare IAMS vs Blue Buffalo to see how they relate and determine which has the best value. The term value in this case doesn’t mean the most affordable, but the brand with … Read more

Merrick VS Blue Buffalo: Which is the Best Brand for Active/ Athletic Dogs

Merrick vs blue buffalo

Just like humans, active dogs tend to have a high metabolism than the less active breeds. As such, you need to feed them a high-quality and balanced diet filled with key nutrients. In this article, we’ll compare Merrick vs Blue Buffalo to see which dog food brand is the best for athlete dogs. The two … Read more

Eukanuba vs Royal Canin: Which Should You Have in Your Rotational Feeding Program

Eukanuba vs Royal Canin

While comparing Eukanuba vs Royal Canin in terms of ingredients, you’ll notice their selection of ingredients isn’t entirely the same. Of course, most of the used food compounds are the same, but not all of them. The nutrients concentration is also pretty unique with each brand, in which case they will affect your dog differently. … Read more

Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild: Which One Should You Get?

Diamond Naturals vs Taste of the Wild

Feeding your dog is as important as taking them on their daily walk. What they eat contributes to what they grow up to be. The better the food, the healthier a dog would be. And the healthier your dog, the happier they are! For this, a raw home-cooked meal is the best. But not everybody … Read more